Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Happy Easter!!!

Sorry for how late this post is!! Same story different day with work getting in the way!! I also am well aware that I am still woefully behind in terms of catch up posts from November forward and am getting more behind by the day! (we just do too many super fun things, and I want to write about all of them!)

Here are a few pics from this past Easter weekend. I'll post more later but wanted to get these up. Erin came in from Chicago to surprise Kristen at her baby shower and we had a great weekend! I think she has a new appreciation for how exhausting a 2 year old is after chasing him around for 4 days, and we miss her already! In fact, D has been asking about her daily!!

Dying Easter eggs!

3 swings...3 kiddos :)

This is the day after Easter...Beth made D an adorable bunny cookie and as you can see D was very excited to gobble it up!!


  1. Great pictures Bobbie, don't worry about how long it takes, we love seeing them at anytime.
    You do so many great things with Dylan just enjoy him!!! Love his smile!!
    Love you both

  2. Come back to visit soon Erin. Great pictures!