Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!

But first an update...we spent the past weekend in Chicago celebrating Dylan's first birthday in the windy city (yes, we're training him early that birthday celebrations last a month). We had a great time and got to catch up with family and friends! I'm not posting pics from that tonight, but will try to get them up in the next few days!

We took Dylan to the surgeon today for a follow up from his surgery. He is doing great, although did freak out a bit when Dr. Ostlie came into the room. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but at some point in the past few months the doctors noticed that one of Dylan's testicles was not where it was supposed to be (called an undescended testicle). Dr. Ostlie has guessed that it likely had to do with all the pressure that was created when they did the initial closure. They did an ultrasound today to check out where everything was and to see if it all looked okay. The good news is everything is great...the less than good news is that it does mean another surgery for the little man. We'll get the surgery scheduled tomorrow, but in terms of what he's been through it's a minor procedure. The surgery will be outpatient and shouldn't cause too much pain. I'll let everybody know when it gets on the calendar. And now for the pics...

The Friday before Dylan's surgery, we had the pleasure of having lunch in the Applebee's cafeteria with some of my coworkers, Nicki, Dylan, Jody and Kylie. You'll notice that we are all sporting purple as a way to spread awareness about epilepsy. Matt, Jody and Kylie gave Dylan some fabulous presents for his birthday, including an adorable crown they had made for him. D looked absolutely adorable in it and loved all the new toys/books!

Kylie teaching D how to play with his new toys!

D looking super cute in his new crown!

We were all SUPER excited for Aunt Nicki to get back in the country. This pic perfectly captures how excited Ella was. She just hugged Nick for minutes...

Checking out the Morris' garden!

Here are some more fun b-day pics!

After all the cupcakes, both the kiddos were messy enough that we decided a bath for each of them was in order. They had a great time in the tub together and I'm guessing it's just the first of many combo baths to come!

Here are some more pics from our stay in the hospital, including the Easter pics. Even though it's only been a few weeks, it seems like it was eons ago! I'm also posting a link to a google document that is a powerpoint presentation of D's omphalocele at birth, after the first surgery and then before and after this last surgery. Dr. Ostlie very thoughtfully put it together and e-mailed it to me. It's a bit graphic, so if you're not into seeing that kind of thing, feel free to skip over it.


I also owe a long overdue thank you to everybody that came to visit us in the hospital, sent us prayers, texted, called, etc. A few special thank yous...to my family for continuing to provide never-ending support and never making me ask for it; to Aunt Nicki who makes all of our lives so much better just by being in it; and finally to Kristen and Beth. Once again, they provided amazing support to Dylan and me throughout the entire time we were in the hospital (and always for that matter). They both came to visit us on breaks whenever they could. Kris spent hours with us both before and after work each day. When we got transferred to the PICU, Kris stayed until we were settled in the room, even though it meant a late night for her after a long day of work (with work the next day). Beth called the PICU and let them all know that we were coming. She talked to me about what the PICU would be like and what we could expect. When I had a question about D's care, next steps etc. I talked it over with the two of them so that I could have all of my thoughts gathered before talking to the doctors. Being in the hospital with your baby is one of the hardest, scariest things I've ever gone through in my life...the two of them not only recognized that, but helped make it as easy for me as possible all the while continuing to be two of the best friends and personal nurses anybody could ever ask for!

They had D's bed at an angle to try to help with potential reflux. He decided that he'd rather sleep flat and managed to scoot himself sideways.

D wanted no part in taking pics with the Easter basket!

Hanging with our favorite personal nurses!!

"Seriously, mom? After all I've been through, you're going to put bunny ears on me?!?"

So sleepy...

This is much better!

Papa and Maggie

We've been having beautiful weather in KC lately. A couple of weekends ago we all had breakfast at my parents' house and enjoyed playing on their swing set in the backyard!

This pic is from a while ago when JoAnne and Jeremy came down to visit us! D is playing with an app on Jo's i-phone that my cousin Andrew designed. Basically, it's a picture of a cow and every time you touch the screen, it moos. It sounds simple, but definitely held D's attention!