Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Recap - A Winter Picture Marathon!!

So, it's finally here!! The long awaited and much anticipated picture catch up :) We have had quite the busy winter season!! (although, it seems like we're busy year round!) Here's a rundown from what we've been doing the past few months! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking and just fill in where necessary :)


Me with 3 of the cutest kiddos in the world on my birthday!

We had a great time in Des Moines for Christmas. Toni, Karl and Aunt NiNi joined us in Des Moines and it was great to have all the family together :) It means a lot to both Dylan and I to be surrounded by such amazing family!

We had a great time in Des Moines getting to see lots of friends. Quentin is getting so old and we always have a great time hanging out with Jeremy, JoAnne and Q :)

Look out world, D is on a motorized vehicle! He was actually quite natural at driving it...however, he didn't seem to think there was any reason not to just crash into things!

Enjoying the reasonably warm (especially for December) weather at the park at my elementary school!

We also went over to the Winter house. We had a GREAT time hanging out with Amy, Kelly, Karson, Aubrey and Baby Libby! D absolutely loves going over there and talks about them all the time!!

We also made some time to hang out with KC friends. Madison, Felicia's kiddo, made Dylan an awesome ball pillowcase and scarf!

Enjoying the warm KC weather as king of the mountain!


In January, JoAnne and I hosted a baby shower for Sarah who is giving birth to her twin boys tomorrow!! We had a Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss themed shower. I found this cupcake idea on the internet and was very proud of how they turned out. The shower was great and we wish Sarah and Jeremy the best of luck!!

Quentin thought the cupcakes were good!!

In late January, we headed to Cancun, Mexico with Grandma Toni and Aunt NiNi. We had an amazing time and it's such a nice tradition for the four of us to get away at the end of January. D loved swimming in the pools and making sand castles on the beach and especially eating outside!!

Once again, the pilots invited D to sit in the cockpit with them! This time, the pilot gave Dylan his brownie from his lunch. D now thinks that he should get to fly the plane and get treats on every flight :)

One of the restaurants we went to had a blow up slide...D was in heaven :)

One of D's favorite things...throwing pennies into the fountain with Aunt NiNi!

The PGA tour is coming to Cancun later this year. So, they had a mini-golf course set up at the airport. It was a great way to entertain D while we waited for our airplane.


Ella turned 4 at the beginning of February. She had an awesome birthday party at a local bounce house place. We all had a great time celebrating her birthday (and yes, for those of you keeping track, rumor has it, I had just as much fun if not more fun than some of the kiddos on all of the slides!)

Ella continues to amaze me every day as I watch her grow up. She is an amazing big sister and big cousin. She continues to be one of the sweetest, smartest kiddos I have ever seen. I can't wait to see what's to come!

Here are a few more pictures from Colorado. We went to an ice castle...the kiddos loved exploring all the different caverns and trails.

We celebrated Maggie's 2nd birthday in Colorado. Maggie continues to amaze me with her personality. She is very smart and catches on to new things surprisingly quickly. She gives the best hugs in the world and she and D love playing together! I can't wait to see wait year 3 holds for her :)

So, that's a recap of our last few months :) I might post a few more pics from Cancun, the cd Grandma Toni sent me got corrupted.

Aunt NiNi and Chris came to visit last weekend! We recreated green eggs and ham (bacon), but upped the ante this time with blue and red pancakes as well. I'll post pics soon!