Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Review

The end of January is always a tough time around here...luckily, spending time with a few of our favorite people (Grandma and Aunt NiNi) helps a ton!  Many more pics to come...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Review - Family and Friend Fun!!

After a relatively quiet few days...we really slammed in the fun this past week!! 

Last week, we headed over to the Lang house for some girl time.  The kiddos have so much fun together and Dylan loves going over to Collin's house. 

Collin is starting potty training and when Dylan had to go, he wanted to go cute!

 Kristen on the roller coaster!

Baby Adam is getting SO big!!

On Saturday, we went to Sesame Street live with the Morris fam...the show was very cute and Dylan really liked it!  I asked him at intermission if he was having fun and he said it was much better than the Nemo show (if you recall we went to the Nemo show at Disney and lasted about 5 minutes because it scared him!)

After Sesame Street Live, we headed to the zoo!  The weather was beautiful and the zoo just brought in a new polar bear (Berlin) that we were all super excited to see!  Namma, Mark and Andie met us out there and we had a blast!  It was so nice being able to be fact, we didn't even wear coats most of the day!

Getting ready to ride the train!

Watching some tv before dinner...

On Sunday, we got back to winter reality with some cold temperatures...what's the best way to cure the winter blues?!?  Go to the golf store, of course...D had a great time and all the employees at Golf Galaxy are so nice!  They let him hit as many balls as he wants...perhaps they are aware they have a future lifelong customer :)  Namma already told D that he will probably need new clubs next year if he keeps growing so quickly :) 

Mark got Dylan a science experiment kit for Christmas...Dylan (and really my whole family loves it!).  We have already made volcanoes and are in the process of trying to "grow" rock candy (so far it's not looking good!)  Of course, the innocent volcanoes turned into silly Uncle Billy trying to explode a water bottle (apparently they make the plastic way tougher than they used to).  The water bottle didn't explode until Billy stabbed it with a knife...which in turn got vinegar and baking soda all over Namma and Papa's kitchen.  I have the feeling there will be many, many future science experiments (and/or excuses for Papa and Billy to blow things up!)

Our attempt at rock candy!


Namma taught Dylan the theory of surface tension...for those of you who are curious, sprinkle pepper in a bowl of water and put a drop of dish soap on the side...all the pepper will go to one side!

We had Monday off from work, so we decided to celebrate with the trip to the indoor pool.  Kristen and Grant joined us there and we had a BLAST!!

Enjoying snacks at the OP after swimming :)

Cuddled up on the couch watching a cartoon post swim :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Review

Nothing too exciting around here these days...just living life and having fun along the way...and of course taking cute pics :)

Dylan's Santa impression in the bubble bath...Ho Ho Ho!

We went to Kinsley's 1st birthday party last weekend.  The theme was the Very Hungry Caterpillar and D loved making caterpillars out of play dough :)  I had some fun too!

Happy Birthday, Liz O!!!

Lars wanted to be the tallest :)

D scanning his new socks at Sam's Club :)

Making dumplings with Papa :)