Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Program

Dylan's spring program was last Sunday...Dylan was VERY excited and loved practicing all of the songs.  It was hilarious when his individual class sang, he had the most serious/intense/seemingly angry look on his face.  They sang Let's Go To The Zoo, and let's just say that everybody there knew that Dylan really wanted everybody to go to the zoo :)  He may or may not have been the kiddo that the audience was all laughing with because he was so cute and funny!  He did a GREAT job and knew all the words and motions!  I told him next time, he needs to remember to smile.  I tried to capture his expression in a few pics :)

There was a small group that sang the first verse of America the Beautiful. Dylan wasn't originally supposed to be in the group but one of the kiddos got sick.  His teacher knew that he could do it and he did a great job.  It was one of those mommy moments that made me so proud it actually brought tears to my eyes.  Here is a little snippet:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dylan Says...

I'm stealing this from another blog that I read...Dylan says the cutest/funniest things.  When people get to spend quality time with Dylan, they never fail to mention to me how well-spoken he is and how cute it is to see the way his mind processes things.  So, here's a good way to share with everybody:

Me: "Dylan, what is your favorite part of church?"  (I assumed he would say the part where you shake everybody's hands and say peace)
Dylan: "Leaving!"
(I walked into that one!)

We were walking back from the park one night...
Dylan: "I better not do too much more walking, I don't want to get a horsey leg!"
Took me a few minutes to figure out that he was talking about a charley horse.  He got a bad cramp last time we were in NYC, and NiNi taught him that phrase...apparently, it got a bit lost in translation!

I know I am (months!) behind in pictures...good news, they are all loaded to the computer, so I will get them up soon!

Jumping in basement, not so much!

It's been a rough week to be Dylan's'll notice he has an "old" bruise on the left.  Then he proceeded to slam into the corner of the counter and now has a matching bruise/gash on the other side.  I thought this one might need a trip to the ER, but luckily, it wasn't too big!  And yes, D is hamming up his pitiful face, b/c I told him I was going to take a picture for Aunt NiNi.  He was back to running around within minutes!