Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Busy Busy Busy!!

We are all enjoying spring and the arrival of some warmer weather! We had another great weekend. Andrea, Will, my mom and I all participated in a 5K on Saturday morning. Andrea and I ran while Will and my mom walked the course. It was a perfect day and we had a blast! Afterward, my mom and I took Ella and Dylan to Deanna Rose. It was a lot of walking, and we were a bit sore after, but we had a great time!

Sunday, we had a good time picking out flowers and planting them in our front yard :) D, of course, picked out pink flowers and he is very excited about them!

D has also officially transitioned into the 2-3 year old room at daycare. It's been a tough transition, although I knew it would be. They had been letting him go play in the new room for a few hours a day leading up to Monday and it hadn't been going well. D (and I) are very attached to his old teacher, Mrs. Amanda, and D didn't like having to leave her. Monday was pretty horrible from a drop-off perspective. D bawled hysterically and kept asking for Mrs. Amanda. Thankfully, he calmed down fairly quickly after I left (I called to make sure, hard to leave him when he's like that) and each day has gotten a bit better. I'm guessing by next week, drop-offs will once again be smooth!

This is actually a picture from the park on Friday...I wanted to show how much of a monkey D continues to be! He now loves finding bars he can reach and swinging from them. He has amazing upper body strength!!

Deanna Rose fun!!!!

Planting flowers with Namma!!


  1. Hooray for Springtime! I'm sure Mrs. Amanda is also in Dylan withdrawal. It is cute how attached he is to his teacher.

  2. Can't wait to see the flowers Dylan and Namma planted next week!
    Love, Nicole