Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Life is a Zoo!!

Every week, I wonder what I'm going to blog about...then somehow I end up with a hundred new pictures and a ton of stories!! Dylan continues to be so much fun! He sings constantly (often combining songs in his own way) and loves doing pretty much anything outside. He definitely can be challenging when he doesn't get his way, but for the most part we have a blast together! He is turning into such a little man in front of my eyes and continues to bring all of us around him so much happiness!

My coworkers and I had a golf tourney last Friday...since I haven't played very much, my dad and I took Dylan to the driving range. My parents gave Dylan a set of real golf clubs for his birthday, but this was the first trip to the range. Dylan LOVED golfing, although he didn't quite get that he had to use his indoor voice when he was outside. He actually was able to swing the club fairly well :)

We went out to dinner with Kris, Grant, Beth, Collin and Lars last week! We had a great time, but it was a bit chaotic, so I didn't get a very good picture...

On Saturday, we headed to Deanna Rose. D and I haven't been in a while and we enjoyed all of our favorites! We also enjoyed watching Ella ride the pony for the first time (she's ridden it before, but not while I'm there).

It was safety day at Deanna, so they had fire trucks, ambulances and all sorts of fun activities in the parking lot.

D discovering strawberry milk :)

In the Children's Mercy ambulance Dylan rode in on his birthday! It was also air conditioned and showing movies so it was a hit with everybody!

Ella spent the night and as always, we had so much fun! The only downside is that Dylan thinks Ella should stay EVERY night at our house :)

Playing in my bed in the morning!


Sunday morning, we headed to the zoo! We decided to hit up the Africa section of the zoo so we could see some of the same animals as Aunt NiNi and Chris on their safari! The zoo recently opened a sky tram that takes you over Africa. It is a GREAT way to get to see all of the animals!

That night after dinner, Papa bought mini ice cream cones for the didn't take them long to figure out how much they liked them!

D picked out this collared shirt earlier this week and told me he needed to get his picture taken. He and Papa matched, so I thought a picture was in order :)

Practicing golf in the front yard :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Corn Dogs, Spin Art and Slides, Oh My!!

We headed back to Des Moines this weekend for some Iowa State Fair fun!! On Friday, we headed straight to the Turner household. Sarah joined us there and Dylan had so much fun playing with Quentin. They are so cute together and its so neat watching them grow up together!

This might be my favorite :)

On Saturday morning, literally the first thing D said when he woke up at my parent's house was, "pool balls!?!" So, of course we had to go play them immediately.

After some fun pool ball action, we headed to the Iowa State Fair. We met the Turner family there and amazingly arrived at about the same time (albeit a few minutes late...). Dylan loved the fair. His absolutely favorite thing was a corn dog on a stick, followed closely by spin art and the big yellow slide! He was a bit overwhelmed by the animals but we had a great time!

They had a bunch of little cows all over the fair to celebrate the 100 year anniversary...we got a few pics of D and Q riding them! It was the only kind of cow Dylan wanted to get remotely close to!

Don't Jo and I look cute :)

The famous butter cow!!!

D always takes the time to stop and smell the flowers!

Spin art fun!!

Jeremy was the first to introduce D to the corn dogs. It took Dylan a minute to figure out how to eat them, but he was soon hooked!

The big yellow slide has always been one of my favorites! We showed it to D and he decided he wanted to try it out. I thought he was going to be a bit intimidated at the top, but he loved it! I think he would have gone down it a million times if we let him. (random thought: We have called it the big yellow slide for as long as I can remember...however, while we were there this time, I realized it's 1/2 green and 1/2 yellow. I found it kind of amusing, but it will always be the big yellow slide!)

Jo's impressive photography while we were sliding!

Petting the baby piglet :)

He's got the hang of this corn dog thing!

Of course...anything D sees must be jumped off!

After lunch, we took the kiddos home for naps. Namma got back from her Alaska cruise and headed back up to Iowa to take in some more fair fun! JoAnne and Quentin met us there once again! We took in all the highlights with Namma and of course ate some more delicious fair food!

Yellow slide, take two!

The fair had this little farmer's area. Each kiddo planted seeds, harvested their vegetables and then eventually sold their produce for some money. At the end was a store that had everything from bananas to twinkies and each child could use their money to buy an item. It's a really great idea and Dylan and Q really enjoyed it!

On Sunday morning, D and I headed out to Waukee for some fun with the Winter family. Since we had seen them all so recently, Dylan was especially excited to play with all the kiddos again. We had a great time at the local park, and I loved getting to see Amy again!!

Monkey see...monkey do!