Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Hot Hot Hot!!!

We had another action packed week (it seems like they all are)!!  Dylan got to start the weekend early with a very exciting stay-at-home day with Aunt Andrea, Ella and Maggie.  Andrea now has Fridays off of work, and last Friday, D stayed home with her.  She took the kiddos to Wonderscope and they had a great time!  Dylan talks about going back constantly!

Craft room!

Picnic lunch :)


This weekend was corporate challenge basketball.  Our team got 2nd, which is a bit disappointing, but we played well and had a lot of fun!

D doesn't really understand the concept of a picture being taken that he's not in :)

On Sunday after corporate challenge and naps, we headed to Namma and Papa's pool.  It's really about the only outdoor activity that is bearable these days.  We had a great time and Dylan loved his new water wings.  He can swim in them by himself and is very proud!!

After the pool and a quick shower, we went to watch Uncle Billy win the silver medal at tennis!  D loved playing with the tennis balls and insisted on "playing" tennis after Uncle Billy's match.  He even got one ball over the net and was VERY excited about it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Going to the Chapel...

...and we're gonna get married!!

We had a perfect time at Chris and Aunt NiNi's wedding two weekends ago.  D and I flew to Chicago on Wednesday for some quality family time.  On Thursday, D went miniature golfing with Grandma Toni and Grandpa Karl while NiNi and I ran errands.  Dylan had a great time and tells me all the time about how he wants to play miniature golf again (he also tells me how he beat Grandma Toni!).  

On Friday, we headed downtown for the beginning of the wedding festivities.  We attended the rehearsal and then headed to the rehearsal dinner.  The kiddos (Ella, Maggie and Dylan) gave NiNi and Chris a pre-wedding toast before they headed to bed, "Congratulations, Aunt NiNi and Chris!  We love you!"  

Saturday, we woke up and got our hair and make up done.  We headed to the church for the ceremony on the bus.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and Aunt NiNi looked stunning.  Ella and Dylan did a perfect job walking down the aisle!  After the ceremony, we took LOTS of pictures!  D did a great job, smiling...most of the time!  The reception was beautiful and the party lasted well into the night!!

On Sunday, NiNi and Chris invited everybody for a pizza party nearby.  It was the perfect way to end a fabulous wedding weekend!

Nicki and Chris thought of every detail both big and small to make everything for the wedding wonderful.  From the flip flops for the guests at the reception (so we could kick off our shoes and enjoy dancing) to the bags of snacks and toys for the kiddos at every location no detail went overlooked.  The entire weekend was spent celebrating among so many friends and family!  It was very touching to hear all of the amazing speeches about both of them.  I am so honored to be able to be a part of their special day and cannot wait to see what life has in store for them.

With that, here are the pics.  These are the pictures that my dad/family took throughout the weekend...many more to come once I get pictures from Nicki, Toni and the professional pictures!   

D was so excited about heading to Chicago, he didn't sleep at daycare that Wednesday!  Luckily, he was still a delightful traveler!

Rehearsal fun

Wedding Day

The kiddos went swimming in the hotel pool while we were getting our hair/make up done!

Can you imagine a cuter flower girl and ring bearer?  I know I certainly can't!

One of my favorite pics!  You can put the girl in a dress, but you can't stop her from making funny faces :)

Another one of my faves!!


Yes, I let D change back into his light up shoes for dancing purposes!

The party was still going strong at midnight!  And then headed to a local bar for a few more hours!

Pizza Party

Erin came to join in the fun!!

Hugging Conall!

I love you, Aunt NiNi!!

Even though we were down on some sleep, D did a great job on the way back to KC!!

So there is the wedding in a nutshell...I will continue to post pictures as I get them.  A huge thank you to Toni and Karl for everything they do for us to make Chicago a second home.  Another big thank you to my was very nice not to have to worry about Dylan at any time and know that he was in great hands.  Finally, once again, thank you to Nicki and Chris for an amazing weekend and letting us be a part of everything!  They are memories that we will have for a lifetime!  We love you both!!!  

This past week, we had corporate challenge soccer.  We got 4th overall (an improvement over last year) and had a great time!  D loved being at the fields and getting personalized lessons from Coach Felicia!

Fun with Vicki Nugget

On Saturday, we headed to Deanna Rose.  We met up with Lela, Mike, Emma and Baby Kinsley.  It was fairly hot outside, but we had a great time!

After naps, we headed to the Morris house for dinner.  Uncle Morris smoked some pulled pork and the kiddos had a great time playing in the sprinklers and the pool!

On Sunday morning, we headed to Namma and Papa's neighborhood pool.  D spent almost the entire day jumping off of the "racing diving boards" and having me catch him.  No wonder my arms were sore the next day!

After nap, Namma and I took Dylan to his favorite place on earth...Golf Galaxy!  I'm not sure it's normal for a 3 year old to ask to go to a golf store on a daily basis!  D loves it there b/c they have a putting green and let him hit balls into the net.  He's gotten way too good to hit real golf balls at home, so he loves being able to hit the real balls into the net. 

Sunday night, we had a birthday party for Aunt Andrea / Father's Day celebration.  We grilled out on Papa's new grill and had a great time!  

 Papa and his kiddos!