Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Da Bears!!!!

We all sported our Bears gear on Monday night for their big win over the Packers!!

Yes, the football is even Chicago Bears...thanks Aunt Beth and Uncle Dennis!!!

We went over to the Stump household on Saturday to hang out. Their neighbors have a b-ball hoop that you can lower and Dylan and Kylie loved it when I picked them up so they could dunk it. D doesn't really understand why that's harder on our full 10 foot hoop, but I got him as close as I could. And yes for those of you cringing, I realize it's probably not the safest thing I've ever done...but he does love it!! He's actually a bit obsessed with all things basketball right now...he points out every hoop and ball we see. It's super cute!

Aunt Nicki wasn't willing to lift him nearly as high :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Spinach Festival

A few weekends ago, D, my mom and I went to the Lenexa Spinach Festival.

("Lenexa was hailed as the “Spinach Capital of the World” during the 1930’s! Did you know that Belgian farmers grew Spinach in the Lenexa area and shipped it by rail? The Spinach Festival rolls all of the history surrounding Lenexa into a fun celebration!" - who said blogs can't be educational)

We had a good time walking around. D got a Home Depot vest, but we opted not to make the football stand because it involved real hammers and nails which I thought would likely end in disaster. We had fun making our spinach crown and walking around and looking at all of the different stands.

p.s. I promise to have the Chicago weekends post up soon! Look forward to some great pics (thanks Erin!) and some fun/exciting stories :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Monday, Uncle Billy and I headed to the Royals and Chiefs game. We brought along Billy's friend for both and the kiddos, Aunt Andrea and Aunt Nicki for the Royals game. Uncle Morris joined the adults later for the football game. We had a great time and all the kiddos loved the baseball!!

That's one full minivan!!

There was about 4 hours between games for tailgating (yes, please note that I had transformed from Royals Bobbie to Chiefs Bobbie). We had a great time's Will and I keeping it CLASSY enjoying some delightful Boone's (hey, it's not just for high schoolers anymore!).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesdays - First Haircut

Dylan got his first haircut last night (and for those of you wondering, it was already on the calendar and not due to the endless harassing I got this weekend about D having a baby mullet). His big cousin Ella agreed to go first to show Dylan it wasn't scary. I was shocked at how emotional it was for me...the haircut makes him look even more like a little man and less like a baby. They spiked D's hair after the haircut and I'm not sure he's ever looked cuter or more like Zach!

See D, it's no big deal!!

So CUTE!!!

It was 3 1/2 inches long...maybe a bit overdue!

Look how cute I am!!! Plus, look at all these suckers!!

Can't imagine two cuter cousins!!! I'm not sure if D has ever had a sucker (although, I wouldn't be surprised if they've given one to him at daycare), but he got the hang of it very quickly and was very annoyed when I took it away!

(for those of you who haven't checked in a while, there's another post below this one!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Cow Says Moo...

A sheep says baa...okay all you parents of young kids out there should recognize a Sandra Boynton book when you see one :)

Okay, so I know I promised this post would be up last Wed/Thurs...and surprise surprise I'm late. Work got a bit crazy at the end of last week and we went to Chicago for the second weekend in a row for the 2nd annual memorial Cubs game for Zach. It was a great weekend and we got to see a lot of friends and family. More on that weekend and the weekend before in Chicago for Remy's wedding soon! Here's one preview picture from Chicago this weekend...its a few days late but I had a vision of D's 17 month picture in his Cubs jersey (thanks Brad and Heather) in front of Wrigley Field.

Now, onto the last post! A few weekends ago we headed up to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair. We had a great trip and got to see a lot of Jeremy, JoAnne, Quentin and Sarah :) We saw lots of cows, sheep and pigs and Dylan loved all of them! Dylan mooed at all of the cows and tried to climb into the cages with all of the animals. We saw all the fair highlights and had a great time!!

In front of the famous butter cow display...this year's bonus butter statue was Dr. Seuss' green eggs and ham

With the butter cow :)

Trying to get into the pen with the big bull

Yes, that is Dylan licking the pen that the giant pig was in...probably not the most sanitary thing he's ever done...

They have a barn for baby animals born during the 2 weeks of the fair. Dylan loved checking out all of the little animals. These pigs were born that day!

After checking out all of the animals, we decided to get some culture with some spin art. The man working there said he thought Quentin might be the youngest participant for spin art looks like he's just sleeping, but he's very creative! Dylan loved the spin art this year. He liked squeezing the bottles and loved it once he figured out that pushing the button caused the spinning.

Dylan was ready for his nap by the end of the morning at the fair. But I promised everybody at work that I'd get a picture of D eating something on a stick...I went with a rice krispie treat, that D never actually ate, but I did and it was delicious :)

Here are a bunch more pics of adventures that we've had lately!!!

One of the cutest pics ever?? With Aunt Nicki on her birthday!!

An Ella sandwich on mommy!

D ruined his outfit at dinner at my parent's house one evening, so my mom fashioned him this toga out of one of her shirts. He looked so cute!!

We went to the zoo a few weeks ago with the Morris clan. We had a great time!!!

As I mentioned before, a few weeks ago Grandma Toni had a business trip in KC so she stayed the weekend to hang out with us and Sam and Dorian were also in town for the weekend. Here are the pics from Toni's camera.

Dorian and Sam bought Dylan a lawn mower that makes bubbles when you push it. He had a great time pushing it around!

Playing with Dorian in the park!

Reading a book on Grandma's lap

Making fish faces on Grandma's lap!

Dylan loved hanging out with Sam...and I think the feeling was mutual!

I also realized I hadn't uploaded pictures from my camera for a while (I often use my dad's much nicer fancier camera). So here are some of the long lost pics that I thought were too cute not to share!

A fun adventure to Deanna Rose:

This pic is obviously cute enough...but I especially love that D is holding Andrea's hand. Dylan does not like holding hands b/c that means somebody can make him go where they want, but he will hold hands with Andrea. It's so cute!

Hanging out with the Winter family in Des Moines. Karson and Aubrey are SO cute and Dylan loved hanging out with them!

D decided he needed to be surrounded by his toys :)

Helping Namma with some yard work :)