Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dylan!!!!

I can't believe Dylan's 2 years old already!! I'll post a lot more pictures and videos over the next few days, but wanted to get some fun pics up from today. D had his 2 year doctor's appointment this morning, so I took the morning off so we could play beforehand. D had a GREAT time playing on his new bike that Papa and I put together last night and did not want to leave this morning! The doctor's appointment went great. D was perfectly happy throughout the whole appointment (except for the 2 shots). If you remember, he was quite hysterical at his 18 month appointment, so this was a great change! He had fun playing with chalk (and banging the erasers) beforehand and was great in the exam room. He talked a ton around Dr. Kate (she commented multiple times how advanced he was in terms of communication and was very impressed he was jumping around. I gave Ella the credit for his talking, rightfully so!!). He weighed in at 27 pounds (35th percentile) and was 34 inches tall (30th percentile). He actually didn't stand up very straight, so I'm guessing he's a bit taller. And Dr. Kate said based on how he's fluctuated around the 50th percentile and his genes, she expects him to be tall :) After the doctor's appointment, we met Papa at McDonalds for lunch. We brought cupcakes to daycare, so all in all it'll be a great b-day and we're excited for some family fun this weekend :)

D was in a great mood when he woke up this morning! It helped that he slept in until 8:30 :)

Check out my new bike!! Thanks Beth, Dennis and Alyssa!!!

Looking awfully pitiful after 2 shots...yes those are tear stains on his shirt!

Luckily, the nurse thought ahead and had the sucker with this was a few seconds later, over the shots and now just excited about his multi-color sucker!

Lunch and some playtime at McDonalds before daycare :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesdays - Catch Up Time - the October Episode!!!

Okay, I am finally starting to catch up with the LONG overdue blog posts that sometimes keep me up at night (okay, I'm being a bit dramatic on that one, but it has been really bothering me). I thought, what better way to catch up than lots of pictures and the Top 10 events from the month. My goal is to get November and December done over the next 2 weeks as well and then I've been doing a pretty good job of posting new stuff on Wednesdays, so I will be all caught up!! Here goes nothing...(please note, ranking is based on order of occurrence and does not in any way shape or form rank friends/family/etc.!)

#10 D's first road trip to Iowa City!! We had an awesome time getting to see my family from the east coast and hanging with lots of college friends!

#9 We went to Phoenix to see family, friends and for Terra Tham's wedding. We had a great time and the cousins loved hanging out together in the pool!!

#8 Grandma Toni came to visit!! D and I always have a great time with Toni and I think he especially likes getting to show off his toys and stuff to her in KC.

#7 Beth's baby shower...yes Baby Collin made his debut in November (look forward to some pics), but we had a great time throwing a shower for her and D loves talking about Baby Collin all the time!!

#6 Chris and Nicki come to visit!! We had a great time the whole weekend! We spent lots of times at Deanna Rose exploring the pumpkin patch, going for a hay ride and playing on the slides in addition to seeing all the animals. Chris has very quickly become part of the fam and we all love it when he comes to town to visit! He is great with all the kiddos and Ella and Dylan's face always light up when we talk about him.

#5 We also went to a Chiefs game that was lots of fun (some of us maybe even had too much fun)!!

#4 Halloween at D's daycare :) D had 2 costumes this year, an awesome Bam Bam costume made by Jody Stump as well as a monkey. D loved saying Bam Bam and we had fun at the daycare party!

#3 Carving pumpkins at Aunt Andrea's house! D was much more interested in playing the harmonica, but the pumpkins turned out pretty well!

#2 Trick or Treating at Applebee's. Applebee's has trick or treating every year for all the little kiddos. It's always a ton of fun, and D definitely got the concept of candy this year :) You can see some awesome pics of Kylie (Pebbles) and Dylan (Bam Bam) together. Ella was also the most adorable penguin you ever saw and loved waddling around!

#1 Trick or Treating - Andrea and I took D (this time as a monkey) and Ella out to a few houses for trick or treating. Ella was great at saying trick or treating and thank you. D was good at the thank yous and also tried to give candy back to everybody (which I think is very good sharing). We hit up a few houses in the Morris neighborhood and had a great time! I can't wait until next year when Maggie (who was the cutest cow ever!) joins in the mix!!

Okay, so that's October in a nutshell :) For those of you keeping track, D turns 2 years old tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly how time has gone by. We had an amazing time in Chicago this past weekend with a great party hosted by Nicki and Chris with lots of friends and family. I have a few fun posts planned around D's birthday and a look back on the last 2 years, so check back more than just Wednesdays. For now, here's a pic of Nicki, Dylan and me in Chicago...please note the awesome ball themed cupcakes Nicki and I made! Might be my new all time favorite "creative project" I've been able to pull off!!