Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Daycare Week!

Last week was "Week of the Young Child" at D's daycare. We had fun participating in all the events!!

Monday: Hat I didn't send him to school in a pink hat, he was wearing one of his friend's hats! I sent him in the awesome Royals hat!

Tuesday: Bounce House Day!! D actually was willing to get in the bounce house this year! He was still a bit hesitant but had fun.

Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day!!

Thursday: Pajama Day and eat breakfast at daycare day! We had fun eating our bagels and bananas at daycare :)
I also went in after lunch on Thursday and read D's class his favorite book "Where the Wild Things Are". It was lots of fun and the kiddos were all very excited I was there. If you ever need a self-esteem boost, go hang out with a bunch of 1-2 year olds. I felt kind of like a rock star!! I was a little worried D would be upset when I left, but he went over to his cot and lay down and said "bye bye mama". It was a great experience!


  1. Another winner! Thanks, Bob.

  2. What a fun week, great post, great mom participating in all of the events!

  3. Sounds like fun! Sarah & Jeremy

  4. Love the post and the update! Looks like a great time at daycare!