Monday, October 26, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing!

Update: Dylan's surgery is scheduled for December 21st. We're going to keep him home from daycare (through me, my dad, Aunt Nicole, Andrea and others) between Thanksgiving and the surgery to try to avoid another cold. Thanks for all of the thoughts/prayers...we'll need them again in a few months :)

So, we're home...Dylan has a bit of a cough so they decided to postpone his surgery. Since the surgery doesn't need to happen immediately, they really want the conditions to be perfect. I have a call into the surgeon's office to reschedule, but we're hoping for early December. I'll keep everybody updated. Dylan did a great job this morning; he was in a really good mood. He did get up at 6 a.m. screeching like a pterodactyl, but was super smiley etc. And he stayed in his good mood even though he wasn't eating. The only time he fussed was when the doctor was messing with him. So, we're home. I'm going to take the day off and try to get some sleep (haven't gotten much of that lately). And hang out with Dylan, Nicki, Andrea, my mom and dad. I'll let you know when surgery gets rescheduled :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breathe In...Breathe Out

That's what I'm reminding myself to do. Dylan is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning at 9:45 a.m. Surgery should last a few hours and then we'll have a couple of nights in the hospital (not entirely sure how long). Thanks to all for the well wishes and prayers. They are much appreciated. I'll make sure to update tomorrow...and post some new pics :) Until then...I'll be concentrating on breathing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

California Dreamin...On Such a Winter's Day!

So, when I came up with a title for this blog entry, I didn't think it would actually be like winter here, come on people it's only October! (yes, I actually do give these things a lot of thought, often when I should be working!)

We went to the surgeon this past week and scheduled Dylan's next tummy tuck. He'll be having his next operation on Monday, October 26th. I'm already getting nervous, but know he'll be in great hands. He'll have to stay in the hospital for a few nights (although, this time I get to stay with him, so that's nice). If you could channel any happy thoughts/prayers our way, we'd appreciate it!

As promised, here is the full California story/pictures along with some updates from the last few weeks.

California started out with a VERY early flight. Dylan stayed asleep pretty much the whole way to the airport which was nice. We flew out with Andrea, Ella, my mom and my dad. Since the flight was so early, it was fairly empty so we were able to get 2 rows of seats in front/back of each other which makes things SO much easier (we didn't buy tickets for Ella or Dylan so we weren't guaranteed seats for them). The kiddos did great on the long flight. Dylan slept a decent amount and Ella entertained him for the rest of the flight!

When we landed in L.A. (after getting all the luggage, and yes there was a TON and squeezing into the rental mini-van), we headed over to our cousin Brian and Laura's house. They had twins 3 weeks prior so it was our first chance to meet the newest additions. The twins were adorable as was their great big sister Gretchen. We had a great time all hanging out, and of course in Zach and mine's tradition we all had In-N-Out Burger. It was great getting to see Brian, Laura, Gretchen, Ben and Wes!

After our stopover, we headed to my grandpa's house in Long Beach where Dylan got to meet great grandpa, my two uncles (on my mom's side), and my Aunt Bobbie (I think Ella was confused the whole trip when I said Aunt Bobbie, she looked at me like that's you, silly!). Aunt Bobbie made us a fabulous meal to celebrate my mom's birthday and we all had a great time. Andrea, Ella, Dylan and I stayed at my grandfather's that night. We woke up the next morning at...4:37 a.m. Cali time. That's right, Ella decided that she didn't need to reset her clock so we were up quite early! We waited until 6 a.m. to text my mom and dad who had stayed at a hotel (hey it was 8 a.m. KC time). My mom came and got us and we headed to check in to the hotel and eat breakfast. (We stayed at a great Residence Inn that had an awesome breakfast each morning, that the whole family usually stayed at for hours!).

My dad, Andrea, Ella, Dylan and I headed down to San Diego to see my cousins. We made it to their house around 2 and had lots of fun hanging out. They had a playground and sidewalk chalk so Ella was in heaven. We played at their house for a while and then headed to the beach. Ella loved the sand...Dylan seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing and went to sleep fairly soon after we got there!

By Friday most everybody had gotten to California. My aunt, uncle, cousins and their kiddos from the D.C. area came so we were all lined up waiting for the breakfast to open at 9 a.m. (noon for them, 11 for us). It's amazing how the time difference made the days last forever. We all hung out at the hotel pool and had a great time. Friday night, we grilled out at the pool and everybody gathered for a meal. It was a great time, all of my mom's brothers and sisters were there. We had lots of fun!

Saturday, we headed to the Long Beach beach with the D.C. gang. Dylan stayed back at the hotel with grandpa to watch football. We had a good time at the beach. Afterwards, we headed out to lunch at Hoff's Hut which we've been going to my whole life. It was one of my mom's favorite restaurants growing up, and we always go when we're in Long Beach. My mom had her high school reunion Saturday night, so we said goodbye to her and had pizza with the rest of the family at my grandpa's house. Our flight home was super early on Sunday morning, so we said our goodbyes that night. My brother joined us for the flight home (my dad drove back in my grandpa's car that Billy bought), and once again it was a fairly empty flight so we had 2 rows. Ella was fabulous on the plane...Dylan got a little hysterical at one point when he was really tired. Luckily, grandma had the magic touch and got him to sleep and he slept in her arms the rest of the flight. You could tell the other grandma's around recognized mom's skills :)

Now, the much anticipated pictures...

Ella watching some tv on the plane!

Dylan and new baby Wesley! I couldn't believe how big Dylan looked compared to the 3 week old!

Ella, Brian and Gretchen playing with the puzzle

Not the easiest thing to get a family portrait, but Brian, Laura, Gretchen, Bennett and Wesley! What an adorable family! And as Laura pointed out, she now has a red head, a blonde and a brunette!

The original Aunt Bobbie feeding Dylan!

Playing in San Diego with Lauren and Hannah!

Some say I was having just as much fun with the sidewalk chalk goo as the kiddos. Ella managed to get the chalk all over herself!!

Playing with Hannah and Lauren! They were great hosts!!

Dylan and Cousin Mike! Dylan's first trip to the ocean :) He was a little overwhelmed!

Cousin Mike and Lauren teaching Ella to boogie board!

Lauren taught Dylan to surf as well!

Playing in the sand...Ella loved it, it was one giant sandbox!

Ella went on a hunt to catch some birds...she was quite upset when they kept flying away.

After a while, Dylan decided he had had enough and just wanted to take a nap!

At the hotel pool in Long Beach!

Dylan and Brandon hanging out!

Having lots of fun with the cousins on the "big yellow boat"!

Joshua and Julianna LOVED cousin Billy!

Great Grandpa with Dylan!

Noel, Julianna, me and Dylan. We had such a great time with everybody!!

Running races where we ate breakfast every morning!

Andrea and Ella at the pool!

All 6 brothers and sisters with grandpa!

Look at all of those cousins and cousin's kids!!

Fun at the beach in Long Beach!

We also celebrated Beth and Lars' birthday (yes, for those of you keeping track, Beth's birthday was in June...we're a bit late this time). Dylan decided he should help blow out the candles...but is getting tired of helping without getting to eat any of the dessert :)

In other exciting news, Dylan has officially started eating! We gave him his first rice cereal over at Andrea's house. He did a great job eating it. We have since given him green beans, sweet potatoes and carrots. Peas are up next :)

Grandma Toni and Nicki came back for another visit. We had a great time hanging out.

Nothing but smiles in Grandma Toni's arms!

What could be better than not one but two grandma's!!!??!!

Aunt Nicole got him this cute bib!

Dylan's first taste of green beans :)

Aunt Nicole joined in the feeding fun!

Ella teaching Dylan about the wonderful world of sliding!

Hanging out at Deanna Rose!

Feeding the goats! Yes, we are expanding Aunt Nicole's horizons...first milking a cow, now feeding goats, better come up with something good for next time!

Pile up on Aunt Bobbie :)

This eating stuff isn't so bad...

Go Hawks!!Chilling out at Uncle Billy's new house! That's right, Billy has a new house. For those of you tracking, we have 16 bedrooms in the KC area...feel free to come visit!

Hanging with grandpa in my "Grandpa is my Hero" shirt. Thanks Erin, it's quickly become a favorite!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You!!!

That's right, today is Dylan's 1/2 birthday. Zach was always big into his 1/2 birthdays and I always used to sing him the song from Alice in Wonderland :) I sang it to Dylan this morning and he couldn't stop laughing! (although, now it's officially been stuck in my head for hours...)

Dylan is officially 6 months old! I can't believe how quickly this time has flown by. He went to the doctor this morning. He weighs in at 14 pounds 14 ounces (still 10th percentile) and he is 26 inches long (almost 50th percentile!). He is doing fabulously and everything at the doctor went great (although, he wasn't the biggest fan of his shots, but then again, who would be!). Andrea came to the doctor with us and was very sweet to hold Dylan while he got his shots so I didn't have to.

We go back to the surgeon on Tuesday and will likely schedule his next tummy tuck. Dylan started rice cereal last Saturday (I'll post the first eating experience pics/video soon) and is going to get to start eating more fruits and vegetables!

I'll post the CA trip details/pics along with more pics this weekend. Nicki and Toni come this evening to visit, so we'll have lots of pictures/stories to update. Until then, here's his 6 month picture and one of him eating last night...I don't know about you, but I've never seen a cuter little one!!!

Go Hawks!! Dylan's sporting his jersey in honor of their awesome start to the 2009 football season, and as my coworker Felicia pointed out...Dylan's #6 for his 6 month birthday shot!!

I love rice cereal!!! Now, when do I get cake??