Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - I-O-W-A!!!

This past weekend, I headed to Iowa City for our annual football game.  We had beautiful weather and a ton of fun!  My family didn't make the trip this year, so I dropped Dylan off in Des Moines for some fun with Namma.  

We also had a ton of fun playing with our Iowa friends!  On Friday, we stopped at the Winter house and had a blast playing with Karson, Aubrey and Libby.  Amy and Kelly certainly make some cute kiddos!  On Sunday, my mom and Dylan met me at the Turner house to see JoAnne, Jeremy, Quentin and, of course, Baby Cameron who is getting SO big!  I have a few pics on my real camera so will post those later!!!  For now, here is what we managed to capture on various cell phones :)

We wear pink for Kristen!


This seemed like a good idea at the time :)

This definitely was a great idea!!  Lars if very talented!

Meanwhile, back in Des Moines...

Papa took D to the mall to play on the playground and to find slippers.  And of course, what trip would be complete without a cinnamon roll??!!??

Namma took Dylan to the par 3 golf course!!  He played about 4 holes and then hit it into the sand trap.  Namma said he did a great job hitting out of the sand, but then while he was climbing out he fell into a weed that was covered in thistles (or pricklies as D calls them)...He was actually covered in them and they left stuck him through his pants and all over his hands!  Namma said it was pretty tough, but Dylan eventually recovered...the picture above was the one I got in Iowa City:  D with no pants on a golf course.  Needless to say my mind went all sorts of places with that one!  Dylan will now tell you that he "never ever ever wants to go back to that sand trap again!"  It's pretty cute :)  His love for golf, however, does not appear to be diminished!

Park fun!

Pool balls!! 


Getting his culture for the day :)

On Monday, I picked D up early and we headed to Deanna Rose.  It's only open for a few more days and I figured we needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather!  D had a great time mining and we rode the pony twice!!  We will definitely be in withdrawal once it closes!

Papa showing Dylan how he hits golf balls in the garage...I told Papa that when D throws a club through his car window, he had nobody to blame but himself...

We decided to hit up the park this D is doing a great job climbing the rocks to go see the dragon statue!  He insisted on doing it by himself and did a great job on the way there and back...then he got overly confident and the next trip out there we ended up with one foot in the lake.  Luckily, he caught himself, so the damage was just one wet shoe and sock :)  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Review - New Parks!!!

D and I discovered a new park last weekend!  We went to one of the parks we frequent (known as the "big park") and Dylan wanted to explore one of the paths.  We walked up the hill and discovered a new park that we hadn't been to.  The "spinny park" is now one of our favorites and we have been back a few times already!  The best feature is this contraption they have that you can stand on and spin really enough that it makes me a bit nauseous and Dylan LOVES it!!  

Showing Namma the "spinny thing"

One of our night trips to the park...figuring out how to spin by himself without me pushing him!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly Review - Fall Fun!!

Dylan and I continue to be busy with lots of fun filled activities!!  We've enjoyed spending a few weekends in KC, although D constantly asks me when we get to go on another plane trip :)

A cute story and then on to the pics...yesterday, we were getting ready for preschool.  Dylan looked at me and said, "Mama, I'm really smart...but I don't know everything yet, so I have to keep going to school for now!"  It was SO cute and funny...and he's clearly not lacking in any self-esteem!

Last Friday, I took care of all 3 kiddos for a while.  As you can see, they decided to get every single toy at the Morris household out to play with.  And then that the toy box was the most fun thing to play with...but hey at least at that point, they were contained!  When Aunt Andrea came home, I think she was a bit overwhelmed :)   

Saturday was pretty we decided a fun trip to the library was in order.  The kiddos had a great time coloring, doing a puppet show and reading books!

We have been taking advantage of the nice days while we still have them...that means lots of park time, golfing and pretty much any outdoor activity we can think of!

Monkey bars at the park!


Since I'm once again are a few bonus pics from today!  D played hooky from school today and we went to Deanna Rose with Beth and Collin!  We enjoyed feeding the goats, the slides, a hay rack ride to the pumpkin patch and of course a pony ride.  Many more pics to come, these are just the two I took with my phone!!

Breakfast date yesterday with Mommy at Panera :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Review - Fun Things!!!

We've been enjoying lots of outdoor time recently!!!  The weather has been beautiful and D is happiest if we are doing something outside!  I'm certainly not going to complain!!  Here are a few of the fun things we've been up to lately!!

 Fun at the park!!  We've been going to at least one park every day recently!!  Some days we go to 2 or 3.  The "sand" park (it has a sand toy there) is one of our favorites right now, b/c my little monkey loves the monkey bars!  He's even to the point where he can go 4-5 swings by himself!!  His upper body strength continues to amaze me!!

Riding the horse at Deanna Rose!!  I thought this much larger pony might intimidate D, but once again, he hopped on up there and enjoyed the ride!!

Ice cream fun after haircuts :)

On Tuesday, I picked up Ella, Maggie and Dylan early and we headed to the park!  It was great fun :)

Last night, Papa joined us for some mini golf and driving range fun.  We all had a great time!!!

Getting D's golf ball out of the parking lot...we are trying to work on his "soft swings" only!!