Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family, Friends & Fun...A Picture Marathon!!

This is kind of a smorgasbord of a post...we've just been having SO much fun this fall that it's hard to keep up with all the great stories and pictures! So, sorry if it's a bit scattered, but here goes nothing! First off, happy 19 month birthday, Dylan! It's still hard for me to believe that D is 19 months old already. He is getting so big and is still constantly busy. He's turning into quite the parrot and surprises me with the number of words he knows and remembers even after only hearing them once. He still loves climbing (on anything and everything) and his favorite word right now is "NO!", which he doesn't hesitate to scream in pretty much any situation. It's kind of funny, sometimes his no actually means yes, he just apparently thinks no is more fun to say. 96% of the time, it's just adorable...the other 4% it gets a bit old. D was Bam Bam for Halloween! Thanks so much to Jody Stump for making him this adorable costume! (her daughter Kylie was Pebbles, more cute Halloween pics soon!)

Bam Bam!

It's Hawkeye football season again! And after yesterday's pounding of Michigan State it's a whole lot more fun to write about! A few weeks ago, Jeremy, JoAnne and baby Quentin came down to KC to watch the Hawks game and spend some quality time hanging out! We had a blast and D loved getting to spend so much time with all 3 of them (as did I!). Quentin is getting so big and is cute as ever!!!

The Morris family saying GO HAWKS!!

cousin love :)

Ella is so good at making Maggie laugh! She showed that her skills applied to Quentin as well!

On Saturday night, we went to the Make A Wish hot air balloon party that Applebee's sponsored. It was a bit chilly and rained so we didn't get to see any hot air balloons but we had fun, anyway :)

If you remember from a million posts ago, JoAnne downloaded an application on her iPhone that my cousin actually designed. It's a cow's face and when you touch the screen, it moos. D rediscovered it, and absolutely loved playing with it!

Such a cute face!!

We busted out the bouncy seat for Q...D decided it wasn't just for babies!

On Sunday morning, we all headed to Deanna Rose. We had a great time seeing all the animals!


Probably the thing I miss the most from when D was little...Quentin sleeping on me!

Like I said, D loved Quentin! Here he was giving him kisses!

Playing with the cow app with Jeremy :)

Papa's birthday was at the end of September! Aunt Nicki made him a 4 layer cake...marble, chocolate, marble and yellow cake. It was DELICIOUS!!!

We headed to Iowa City the first weekend in October for Iowa vs. Penn State. Friday night, we had dinner with my Aunt Pat, Uncle Bill and Uncle Dieter at our traditional locale - Iowa River and Power Company. We arrived a few minutes early and D had a blast playing on the bridge and looking at the river.

We stayed at Travis and Jacquelyn's house in Iowa City! They were such gracious hosts and it was SO nice to get to spend so much time with them! D loved running around there house (and chasing their dog Lola). Iowa vs. Penn State was a night game (not the best idea for those of us who love tailgating!) so we started the tailgate while D napped :)

What tailgate is complete w/o Boone's :)

Uncle Billy and Jacquelyn

Ike and Erica came over to hang out and see the little pumpkin :) They had just gotten back from Vegas, but we convinced Erica to come out with us!

Hanging with the Obrechts!

D and Aunt Ni Ni ;)

W/Annie and Robbs!

Tick - tock goes the Aunt Nicki clock! (we do this thing with Dylan and Ella where we pick them up by their ankles and swing them upside down while saying tick tock goes the Dylan clock. They think it's hilarious and want to do it all the time! Dylan thought it was great when Aunt Nicki became the clock...although not sure how she felt about it!)

Billy and Erica :)

Liz decided D needed some cotton candy...from the smile on his face, he agreed!

Yea, tailgating with the Tucci sisters and Lars!!

Future Harley owner?!?

Uncle Bill and Aunt Pat flew back to KC from Iowa and stayed for a night before heading home.

The weekend after Iowa City, we headed to Phoenix! The kids all did great on the flight out!! We got to spend a lot of quality time in the pool at the hotel and with some of my family. On Sunday evening, Andrea, Morris and I went to Terra's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time!

Dinner with the fam! And Sharon, my friend from Applebee's who moved to Phoenix, joined us as well! It was great getting to see her!

We decided to try to make do with 2 rooms, so D and I bunked in with the Morris fam. It probably wasn't the best idea...the kids were definitely not used to sleeping with so many other kids in the room...starting at about 4:30 in the morning one of them kept making sounds that would eventually wake another one up...eventually we called it and just got up for the day!

What do you do when you're awake at 4:30 a.m. local time?!? Snacks and an Elmo DVD seem like a good idea!

Getting ready to leave for the wedding!

I - O - W - A!!!!

The weekend after Phoenix, we threw a baby shower for Beth at Kristen's house. She's due with her own baby boy in a few weeks and we cannot wait to meet him!!

An adorable diaper cake by Kristen (with help from her assistant, yours truly)!

Had to get the little guy a Hawkeye shirt!

me, Beth, Kris and Lars

Josh and Beth

That same weekend, Annie O. came to visit! We all head breakfast at my parent's house on Sunday and had a great time hanging out! The kiddos all absolutely adore Annie and Liz!!!

Girl pile on Liz!!!

Coming soon...Chris comes to KC and lots of Halloween fun!!!