Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting Our Christmas On...

It has been a busy time of year...(then again, when are we not busy!?!)  We have been having a lot of fun getting into the Christmas spirit this year!  Dylan is VERY into it this year and it is fun to watch things through his eyes!  He very nicely asked Santa for new golf clubs...but a few days ago asked me if he thought that Santa would bring him an iPad...I told him not this year, but I think he's already plotting for next year!!  Here's a bunch of pics of what has been keeping us busy :)

For the first time since he was a baby, Dylan sat on Santa's lap without a problem!  

I took Maggie on her special date for her birthday (yes for those of you tracking, it was in February!).  We went to Build-a-Bear and McDonald's.  We had a GREAT time and I really love the one on one interaction!!

Meet "Paggie" :)

We had the girls spend the night, so we renewed our tradition of making Christmas cookies :)  We also made our own pizzas.  The kids were great and we had a blast...although, I'm still finding sprinkles on the floor!

Chocolate chip (pink) pancakes...Ella made my day when she said they were the best pancakes she had ever had!

D was SO proud of this card he made for Uncle Chris!  He did everything on it himself!!  He's getting so old!

Sophie (our elf) was in a birthday hat on my birthday, so D wanted to wear one too during breakfast :)

On my birthday, we had a fun day of kiddo performances! First Dylan's holiday concert in the morning followed by Ella's ballet recital in the afternoon!  And then dinner and cake at Craig Street :)

This past weekend, Grandma Toni came into town to celebrate Christmas.  She and Dylan had a special date on Friday and had a blast!  We had dinner with my fam on Friday night...then on Saturday, we went shopping to pick out a mattress for Dylan's new race car bed (thanks Grandma Toni and Grandpa Karl).  The weather wasn't great, so we hit up a movie as well...(is it weird that I really liked the movie Frozen??)

Playing with the bathtub race car toy!!

At IHOP...I blame Aunt NiNi!

Snow angels, shoveling and some sliding followed by hot cocoa with Ella :)

I hope everybody out there has a fabulous Christmas!!  Thanks for being a part of our lives!!  I'm sure I will have many many pics to post from Christmas!  But until then, we love you all and have a great Christmas and a happy 2014!