Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why I Love being Dylan's Mom...

There are millions of reasons...truly!  But a big one is that Dylan cracks me up!  He is hilarious and I love hearing how he processes and learns things.  Last night, he called me in as he was going to the bathroom (where a lot of our very important conversations take place).  He told me, very seriously, "Mama, next time we are on a plane, I am going to tell the flight attendant that she can make my flight more enjoyable by never landing and flying forever!"  So many things crack me up...I didn't realize how closely he listened when we are on trips to be able to quote the make my flight more enjoyable and I love how much he loves flying! 

I'm going to try to do more of these quick posts...Dylan is truly delightful to be around right now and I figure they can bring a smile to people's days.  Don't worry, I promise I'll still do the marathon picture posts as well :)  

I saw this picture the other day and it definitely hit home...I'm pretty sure D has a SEVERE case of the "whys" so I'm guessing we are easily over 500.  I love how inquisitive he is (most of the time) and hope he never loses his thirst for knowledge!  He is currently planning on being a professional bike rider and an inventor, so these questions will serve him well!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Oh My...It's May!!

Okay, I know...It's actually mid-July!  But I promised some big catch up posts, so here goes May!  As you can see, we have continued to keep busy!

Grandma Toni came to visit in early May.  Dylan had a concert at his preschool and Grandma came to watch.  They also went on a special date for his birthday (Grandma's present to him!)

D's concert was ADORABLE!!  D was a big ham and loved looking into the audience and seeing all of us!  He had the biggest grin on his face, it was adorable.  He did a great job singing and doing so loudly :)

One of D's favorite games...hitting the balloon in the air.  Believe it or not, Grandma Toni, Namma and Papa hit it 300 times in a row until I finally caught it and ended the game!

Toni and Dylan had an action packed special date :)  They went to Leapin' Lizards (a bounce house).  Then for lunch they went back to the train restaurant (because D said they had the best cheeseburgers in town).  After lunch, they headed to the mall to Build a Bear (D made the cutest llama).  Finally, they went to a sports store and bought a metal bat and helmet. 

Aunt NiNi came to town for work for a few days!  It was so nice to see her!

Donuts for breakfast!

Later that week, D and I decided to return the favor by visiting Aunt NiNi and Chris in NYC for the weekend!

One of D's favorite NYC activities...ping pong baseball!

D LOVES NYC!  He gets to hang with two of his favorite people and gets to do awesome things like riding the subway and playing in Central Park :)

Note to readers...while climbing on this jungle gym, I managed to crack the screen on my iPhone which was in my back pocket...no it didn't fall, it's apparently my buns of steel ;)  Consider yourself warned!

Grand Central Station was having an exhibit with historical trains.  It was free and people were waiting in line for HOURS!!  NiNi, Dylan and I checked it out...and as we decided to bail because of the line, we somehow managed to skip the whole line and get to the front.   So, we got to see the trains, which were pretty cool! But definitely not worth the 4 hours in line that most waited!

We met up with Chris' sister Lindsay and his mom Florrie who was in town from Cali!  D loves hanging with them, and I love that they have adopted us as part of their family!

Florrie took a turn pitching to Dylan :)

D invented a game where he threw ping pong balls into cups...future beer pong star?!?

NiNi, Florrie, Lindsay and I went to see Rock of Ages (it was GREAT) and surprisingly D and Chris got ice cream sandwiches during boys' night :)

Sunday was Mother's Day and D woke me up with some very nice cuddles and cards.  We had a great day riding bikes in Central Park!

We sailed boats in Central Park :)

And of course hit up multiple playgrounds :)

The next weekend, we hit up Grant's 2nd birthday party.  It was in the Sayers' backyard and had everything fun a kid could imagine...painting, sand, water table, pinata and great food!  We had a great time celebrating Grant!!

Watching Uncle Billy win corporate challenge volleyball :)

I already posted about going to Zach's school for their annual ceremony.  We also hit up their end of school luncheon for the teachers.  It was great getting to spend some quality time with all of the teachers.

Andrea and I had a special date where we went to a studio and painted and drank wine.  We had a great time and our paintings turned out very well!

For Memorial Day, we headed to Las Vegas for our annual trip to watch Papa play pool!  D loves Vegas (pool balls and pool tables, what could be better)?  Andrea and Brigid joined in for the trip this year and we had a great time!

Papa did GREAT in both the 9 and 8 ball tourney!  It was so fun getting to watch!

Andrea teaching Dylan to do cartwheels in the hallways at the Bellagio :)

Four generations!

D loved hanging with Brigid!!

The next weekend, we headed to see Thomas the Train...the kiddos really enjoyed it, although, I think D's favorite part was the bounce house!

Meeting Sir Topham Hat...it was so cute!  D is scared of most things mascot.  Ella showed him it wasn't scary and then put a protective arm around him to make him feel comfortable.  It melted my heart!

So as you can see...there's never a dull moment!  I would say life has since slowed down, but that wouldn't be very accurate!  In fact, D and I got back yesterday from NYC where we got to hit up the Home Run Derby and the MLB All Star game.  We had a blast!!  I will try to get June up next week and then catch up the week after that!!

For now...a preview of NYC and one of my new favorite pics! 

At the Homerun Derby!!