Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's brown, has a pouch and can jump 40 feet??

Dylan the Kangaroo (well, maybe except for the jumping part!)

Dylan is 7 months old now and is getting so big! He is sitting up all by himself (with only the occasional tip over) and continues to get so much more interactive each day. He loves spending time in his bouncy chair and is figuring out that he can control the music on a lot of his toys. He absolutely loves playing peek-a-boo and will even put the blanket back over his head and screech and kick his legs before taking it off.

As you can see he was a kangaroo for Halloween. I'm leading off with his 7 month picture, even though it's not in the official chronological order. However, it might be one of my favorite pictures that we have ever taken of Dylan (yes, we've taken thousands, and yes I do realize that I say that every month!)

And now, the rest of the story...

Dylan and I went out to dinner a few weeks ago with Kristen, Sunny and her son Asher. We had a great time catching up and Asher is adorable! It's amazing to me how much difference there was b/t the two kiddos when they are only 4 months apart. It was also hard to even remember what Dylan was like at that age...he's growing up so fast!

Me, Asher, Kris and Dylan (we didn't get any pics with Sunny, but we definitely will next time!)

My Uncle Bill, Aunt Pat and Uncle Dieter all came to KC for a visit. Bill and Pat are die hard Iowa supporters and were in Iowa City for a football game. They flew down to KC afterwards and we enjoyed spending time with them. I've been going to dinner with Bill and Pat when they were in town for their annual football game since I was a freshman in college. We were disappointed to miss Iowa City this year, but it was so nice for them to come to us instead!

Smiling in Uncle Bill's arms

Ella having a good time with the fam!

Dylan and Ella enjoying hanging out with Aunt Pat!

Here's a pic of what we decided was Dylan's first official sitting on his own (he did it for a 10 count). Not pictured...he fell right after this pic was taken, but Morris made an awesome diving catch to keep him from hitting his head :)

Aunt Nicole came in town for Dylan's pretend surgery. Even though the surgery ended up getting postponed, it was very nice to see her and Dylan loved showing off all of his new skills for her.

Enjoying a bottle from Aunt Nicki!

This was what I thought was going to be our last naked cuddle with Dylan's little stomach...isn't he cute??

The table in the pre-op room was a giant cute! I love Children's Mercy; they do it all right, down to the little details!

Dylan was such a champ pre-pretend-surgery. He was super smiley and happy even though he hadn't eaten for a really long time!

I was a little bummed about Dylan's surgery getting postponed. (I had mentally prepared for it, Nicki came to town, etc.) So, I decided to dress Dylan in his adorable pumpkin outfit (hard to be in a bad mood around a kiddo as cute as Dylan is). The weather was beautiful, so we took advantage and went on a long walk to the park! Dylan looked so cute and the weather was so perfect, we decided to do a photo shoot :)

Aunt Andrea taught Dylan the joy of swinging...he was a little unsure at first, but really enjoyed himself!!

Hanging with Aunt Nicki!

Applebee's had a trick-or-treating event on Wednesday before Halloween. Since Dylan's surgery was delayed, we ended up getting to go. I had a great time showing him off, and we all had a great time walking around. Andrea and Ella came and we trick or treated with my coworker Matt, his wife Jody their little pumpkin Kylie and Felicia!

This was actually a week before Halloween...we had a dress rehearsal to make sure the costume fit!

Dylan liked playing with Kylie's pumpkin. Ella just wanted to know when she got some candy!!

Dylan, Kylie and Ella

On Halloween (Dylan's 7 month birthday), Beth and Lars came over to my parents house to cheer on the Hawks. They also helped us set the scene for Dylan's 7 month picture which as mentioned above is my new favorite!!

You'll notice that Dylan and I are in coordinating shirts. A group of us girls went to all of the Iowa vs. Minnesota games in Minneapolis when I was in college. Kelly Robbs made us these shirts on our last trip senior year and decided that Dylan needed to be part of the clan. It is such a cute shirt and was such a thoughtful present!!

Beth teaching Dylan to say Go Hawks!!

Hanging with Lars!

Luckily, Dylan is super smiley so it doesn't usually take us long to get a good "month" picture. Good thing, because as soon as Dylan discovered the leaves, we couldn't keep them out of his mouth!

Here are just a few other of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks. I actually have more from Kylie's first birthday party (Dylan's first official party) etc. to get loaded but wanted to finally get these up! We head to Chicago this coming weekend for Carrie Mac's wedding. We're going to get to see most of the family as well on Sunday, so we're very excited for that.

What kiddo doesn't need his own robe??

A special hug for Papa!

Ella is very anxious for Dylan to learn how to crawl and walk. She'll point to him and say, "Dylan, crawl!". It's super cute, although I'm not sure she knows what she's in for once he can start chasing her around!

One of D's favorite accessories...mommy's phone! When it stops working, remind me that water isn't good for phones...Dylan puts it in his mouth every chance he gets!