Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - 80's Week

It was 80's week at daycare last week, so D styled a mohawk...and for those of you thinking he actually might need a haircut (his first), I know...I'll get it scheduled eventually.

The rest of the lake pics will be up soon, and we're pumped for this weekend when Grandma Toni, Dorian and Sam come to visit!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - A Table Rock Lake Weekend Preview

Thanks to our resident paparazzi (Erin), I have over 250 pics to go through from our weekend in Paradise (aka Table Rock Lake)'s a sneak peek, we had a BLAST!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays

When you love to climb...the world really is your playground!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays...take 1

(okay, so we all know I couldn't go completely wordless!)

Introducing Dylan's newest best friend: Quentin James Turner...he's perfect!

Had to have at least one pic of D :) Here he is driving the cart to buy cupcakes for the new parents :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Birthday, Las Vegas, Graduation and so much more...a picture marathon!!

Happy 4th of July everybody!! And happy 15 month birthday to Dylan :) As you can see he's getting so big, and is as adventurous as ever!! :) He loves going down slides by himself and loves climbing up/on anything he can. He's completely fearless and doesn't mind falling...which is such a cute personality but is going to give me a heart attack chasing him around all the time. He's still saying about 4-5 words but has full on conversations with us in baby talk. He understands pretty much everything we say to him. He loves helping mommy by throwing things in the garbage for me (it's where I look when I can't find something) and helping me get the mail.

We had his 15 month check up: the little man weighs in at 21 pounds 2 ounces (still 10th percentile), is 31 1/4 inches long (still 50th percentile) and his head is 19 inches (still 75th percentile). (For the record, I unofficially measured my head and its only 5 inches bigger around which makes me laugh!) We also had Dylan's follow up appointment with the surgeon. He's very impressed with how great D's stomach looks and his incision from his last surgery is great. As I mentioned in the last post, D will need another surgery for his testicle that we will schedule later this year (probably November).

One other thing...I'm going to shamelessly steal an idea from one of my old high school friends (thanks Jill!!). Every Wednesday, she posts pictures on her blog without any writing and calls it wordless wednesdays...I'm going to do the same, b/c I always have a ton of great pics but get bogged down in wanting to tell all the stories. So feel free to check back often, and especially on Wednesdays!

And now for the pictures and stories from the last few weeks...I thought I was exaggerating when I said that I had 89 pics to post, indeed it was over 90, so take a breath and get excited!!

Here are the pics from D's 15 month photo shoot. I bought the hat at Target (love their $1 section!) and actually found the shirt there as well. I thought it was fitting for my little monkey!

D loves carrying things around in his mouth. He has 6 teeth and his molars are starting to come in. I think it's so cute :)

Aunt Nicki, Dorian and Annie O. all came to town to play. We all had a great time together and it was super nice getting to hang out with Liz as well! We had fun playing at my parents' house on their swing set and going to Deanna Rose the local farmstead. Dylan is quite adventurous and loves feeding the goats and checking out all the animals!

Double the Obrechts, double the fun :)

Maggie is doing great! She's super cute and getting such personality. She smiles all the time, loves to coo and is very close to rolling over!!

Feeding the chickens at Deanna Rose. Ella learned the hard way that you have to throw the chicken food or they'll peck your hands in excitement :)

The Stump Family joined us at Deanna Rose. Kylie loved pulling the wagon!

Look mommy, Dorian and I are twins!

Dorian and Nicki put together the car that Aunt Beth and Uncle Dennis got D for his birthday. He loves riding around in it!

Uncle Morris took care of all 3 kiddos on Mother's Day so Andrea, Will and I could golf with my mom and dad. I actually beat everybody on the par 3 course (which is impressive considering I haven't played in a few years). We had a great time and Morris is certainly a superman handling all the kiddos at once!!

Jody made me an awesome cookie for mother's day! It was much appreciated...and delicious!

As I've mentioned, D is in the bigger kid room at daycare. Here's one of his war wounds from his first can see he actually has a bite mark on his back :( He's come home with quite a few bruises and scrapes, but he absolutely loves hanging with the bigger kids!

We had dinner at Beth's and Dylan had a great time playing peek-a-boo with Kristen :)

Watching mommy play corporate challenge softball :)

Papa and his kiddos!

Dylan and Papa with their matching outfits :)

Richard and Rhonda came to visit us and pick up Vito (who went to live with them in Chicago). It was great to see them both!

Here are a few more pics from our Vegas vacation. We had a great trip! Dylan loved hanging out at the pool and we had a fabulous room at the Wynn (thanks grandpa!). We had quite the family reunion with my family (minus the Morris clan), my grandfather, cousins Brian and Laura, Toni and Great Grandma Pat...and of course Aunt Nicki!!

Pool time!

The other kind of pool time with papa!

Lunch with great grandma Pat :)

Dylan working on some strength exercises with namma :)

Hanging with papa on his motorcycle!

With JoAnne...right before having a little boy of her own :)

Fun on the Morris' new swing set!

Liz O is heading out to Boston for the we got in one last dinner before she left!

We had a birthday party for Andrea at her house and we had lots of friends and kiddos around. It was a great time and even stopped raining long enough for us to play outside!

Dylan and me at corporate challenge basketball...we got silver which was a bit disappointing, but Applebee's ended up winning the overall championship!! My final medal tally was 5 :)

We headed to Chicago for Aunt Nicki's graduation. We had a great trip and got to see lots of friends and family!

Erin came and hung out at a graduation party with a bunch of Nicki's friends. It was great to see her and Dylan loved sitting in her lap!

We also moved Nicki out of her dorm that weekend...she was actually amazingly organized!

On Saturday, we had lunch with the Holstads and Erin. It was great getting to see Heather, Steve and the ever adorable Beck :)

Graduation was a bit on the long and a lot on the hot side! Dylan actually did great and sat through the ceremony like a champ until we heard Aunt Nicki's name and then we did some wandering and found an air conditioned room that we played in that was full of other kiddos finding refuge from the heat!

Dylan thought it was fun to take self portraits with my camera...and he's covered in water b/c he decided that he should drink out of a cup without a lid so we both got soaked...although it was so hot that we didn't mind!

I timed this pic of Nicki perfectly...check her out on the jumbo tron :)

On Sunday morning, Toni and Karl made breakfast and Beth, Dennis, Alyssa and Carrie Mac all came over. It was great to see them all!!

Dylan, Nicki and I drove back from Chicago and stopped and stayed the night at Zach's grandma and grandpa's house. We had a GREAT time and Dylan loved getting to spend so much time with them! I was a little nervous about the long car trips (3 1/2 hours to get there and then 6 hours to get home the next day) but Dylan did great like he always does!

Knee high by the 4th of July?!? This corn is taller than me already!

Dylan had so much fun with Grandpa Lee. He and Zach always had such a special connection; it was so sweet to see the bond form with Dylan!

These are the lilies that Zach and I gave everybody as favors at our wedding. I thought it was very fitting that they were blooming and they were beautiful!

We had such a great trip! Dylan loved being able to run around (both inside and out)! We'll definitely have to visit again soon!

Travis and Jacquelyn gave Dylan this awesome Cubbies step stool that Travis made for Dylan's birthday. Dylan loves climbing up and down it!!

Papa and all his grandkids at our father's day celebration :)