Thursday, September 19, 2013

In July, Dylan and I headed to New York City for the MLB All Star Game.  Dylan stayed with Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris, while I hung out with Carrie Mac.  We had a GREAT time!!  Dylan, Nicki and Chris got to go to the home run derby and Dylan LOVED watching them "bam" the balls over the fence!  A huge thanks to Carrie Mac for inviting me to come to another All Star Game!  We had a blast!! 

Night one, Carrie Mac and I headed to the All Star Gala at the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum!  The party was awesome and we had a great time!

In front of the Space Shuttle :).I may or may not have touched the space shuttle...turns out that's not allowed, because the security guard said, ma'am, please do not touch the space shuttle!  I figured if it could withstand reentry, me touching it wasn't going to hurt it!

Why wouldn't we go and sing karaoke after the party until 3 a.m.?!?  Apparently, Carrie and I wanted to relive our college days :)

Aunt NiNi got an A+ sending me lots of picture mails of their adventures!  They played with water balloons, rode a double decker bus and did lots of playing in Central Park :)

Me & Southpaw :)

Phillie Phantic picture for Dylan :)

D loved getting to bat at the home run derby :)  He kept telling me how lucky he was, because not many 4 year olds get to go to the derby :)

D still is a bit nervous around the mascots...but he is a BIG Southpaw and Phillie Phantic fan :)

You can actually see the excitement on D's face when he got to meet the Phanatic!

Double decker bus!!

Aunt NiNi's favorite...The Shake Shack!

Carrie Mac and I had a great time at the All Star Game preparty...some might say a bit too much fun, but hey, who's counting.  We somehow managed to get "official" chefs hats :)

And somehow managed to get onstage and dance next to Flo Rida...I had no idea how many songs he sang that I actually did know...we had a BLAST!!  And because we were both wearing White Sox shirts, the rest of the day, everybody kept saying, hey you weren't you the girls on the stage?!?

We flew out of Newark on the way home...D was pumped because he got to ride the subway, a train, a shuttle, a plane and then a car :)

Enjoying his first ever pretzel dog!