Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Recap - Happy Birthday, Dylan!!!

We started Dylan's week long birthday extravaganza this past weekend in Chicago!!! We flew in on Friday night and on Saturday we had a train themed birthday party at Nicki and Chris' apartment. Many friends and family came to wish Dylan a happy birthday and enjoy some delightful cupcakes! The party was a blast and we very much appreciate everybody coming to celebrate with us!!

Grandma Toni and Grandpa Karl got D a trip to Disney World this fall!!

Playing cars with Great Grandma Pat!

On Sunday, we had a bridal shower for Nicki at Toni and Karl's house. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, so we moved the party outside!! We all had a great time at the shower and Dylan had a blast hanging out with Chris and Karl while the girls partied.

Toni and Karl also got Dylan this adorable "ride-on" suitcase. We had a lot of fun playing with it in the airport.

I've mentioned before that as we get on the plane, Dylan will tell the pilots to do an awesome job. After the flight, he always goes and sings "good job, pilots" to them. This time, after singing, Dylan asked the pilot if he could go in the cockpit. Of course, nobody can say no to Dylan, so he once again got to go sit in the cockpit and play with everything!!

A huge thanks to Nicki, Chris, Toni and Karl for a FABULOUS weekend!!! All of the party planning and organizing paid off and we had an amazing weekend!!! As always, thanks for making Chicago a home away from home!!

I have a few more pics to post from this past weekend when I get them from Toni. For now, a big thank you to Jen for taking so many great pictures!!!

Monday was national epilepsy awareness day. The color purple has been chosen to show support. We wear purple in support of Kylie!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesdays Weekly Review - We Love Weekends!!

We LOVE the weekends around here!! Last weekend, we stayed busy around the KC area!! On Saturday morning, we went to Felicia and Madison's soccer game. Dylan had a great time (especially playing on the sidelines with Jessica). The weather was beautiful and I think I have a future soccer player on my hands!

(sorry for the pics being sideways...I've tried to fix it a million times and nothing seems to be working!)

Saturday afternoon, we met Beth and Baby Collin at the indoor pool. Collin is obviously not a baby anymore, but Dylan still always calls him that and it's so cute!! We had a great time at the pool! Dylan was quite adventurous and wanted to go underwater. We spent a large part of the time going down slides and then with Dylan "canon balling" into the pool and me catching him. Needless to say, after the soccer game and pool, we slept very well that night!!

Sunday morning, we headed out for a run to the park. Dylan loves being outdoors (although, he kept telling me to run faster!) There's nothing Dylan won't climb these days, so parks are the perfect place for us!!

D loved hanging and then falling to the ground. Every time he landed without falling he'd say, "nailed it!"

Monkey see, monkey do!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Recap - Haircut

So, I love Dylan with shaggy long hair...yes, I might be setting him up to be a soccer player or a skate board punk, but he has great hair and it looks awesome long! However, he hadn't had it cut in a really long time, so it was getting too shaggy even for me! We went in for a haircut on Monday and D did great! He loves Miss Brandi and everything about getting his haircut (watching Dora, sitting in a pink car, eating a sucker). As you can see, I had her keep it long, but it is a little less out of control!

Last weekend, we went to the Brookside St. Patrick's Day parade with Kristen and Baby Grant. D was a bit unsure of the whole thing...he doesn't love loud noises or people dressed up as characters. He settled down after a bit, though, and remembers it fondly. Kris had the camera that day, so I will post pics as soon as I get them!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Recap - Family Fun Time!!

We've had family in town the past two weekends!! We had great fun spending lots of quality family time together!!

Who's having the most fun here? Chris or the kiddos? Riding on Dylan and Ella's plasma cars and Maggie's motorcycle bike.

Dylan got this awesome Dr. Seuss flip chart from Quentin for Christmas. I walked down the stairs and Ella was playing teacher. I had a complete flashback to when Andrea and I were kiddos!

Ella stayed the night on Saturday night, so we decided to recreate the green eggs and ham (bacon) on Sunday morning. We decided to up the ante and also make blue and red pancakes as well. As Aunt NiNi put it, all food is more fun with a little food coloring! I love the picture sequence dad cooks with Dylan a lot and has told me that he lets Dylan break eggs but it's not pretty. We decided to be adventurous and let Dylan break some of the eggs. The process basically involves Dylan cracking the egg on the counter and then squeezing it over the bowl. It's a highly amusing process as you can see below...

Ella shows D the "conventional" way to crack an egg using 2 hands and keeping the shell out of the bowl :)

D was appropriately wearing his spider-man shirt to climb at the park.

Last Friday, Grandma Toni was in town for a conference. She stayed the night and we had a great time playing!!

What better place to be than between two grandmas!?!

Outside fun!!

On Sunday, my dad made his homemade chicken soup with dumplings. The kiddos loved mashing the dumplings and the soup turned out great!