Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Like Aunt NiNi always says...go big or go home!  So here it is!!  I'm finally catching up with the last few weeks of pics, including what turned into a month long celebration of D's birthday!  I have posted a billion pics, so I'll let them do most of the talking :) 

On the Saturday before D's birthday/Easter, we went to an Easter egg hunt at the HyVee next to my parents' house.  There was a ton of eggs/candy and D loved it!  Minus the Easter bunny himself which he was still a bit scared of!





After the Easter egg hunt, we met Annie O, Liz and their mom out for lunch!  It was so nice getting to see all 3 of them!  They've always been like a second fam to me and D adores them as well!  He especially loves the new "whack-a-mole" game that Barb picked out for him!

Quentin and Cameron sent D a ball in the literally comes just like that, a ball with a postage stamp on it.  Awesome!

We stayed the night at my parent's house and D had a great time on the Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning!



After the egg hunt, church (for my mom and me) and breakfast, we decided to do Dylan's favorite activity for his birthday...that's right, we hit up the golf course!  I caddied for him and he played pretty well!  He absolutely loves golfing and it's so cute to see him on the course! 

After golf and naps, everybody came over to Craig Street for Dylan's birthday dinner.  The kiddos (and grown ups) had a great time playing with their Easter presents and D's birthday toys!  


Launching water balloons and then dinner rolls (leftover from the night before) off the porch with the new launcher D got from the Easter bunny.



Playing with the remote control hot air balloon Angry Bird Ella and Maggie got Dylan!


This pic cracks me up...Uncle Billy and Papa were both playing with D's toys and all he wanted was a turn :)

I got D a world map where you can put push pins in all the places he has a typical 4 year old, he told me it was a boring present!  Although, since, he has decided that he likes it :)  We have fun looking at all the places we have been! 

The day after D's birthday, we went for his 4 year check up.  He is up to the 80th percentile for height (was 70th at 3 years) and 60th percentile for weight (was 70th at 3 years).  Dr. Kate was so impressed with how big D is and how grown up he is!   


The Turner family came to town for D's KC birthday party!  We had so much fun playing with Quentin and seeing baby Cameron who is getting so big!  Aunt NiNi also decided she couldn't miss the party and flew in for a night!  D was SO excited to have her in KC and introduce her to his preschool friends!

On Sunday, D introduced Quentin to he and NiNi's doughnut tradition :)  Apparently, it was a hit and he's asked JoAnne for doughnuts multiple times since :)

After breakfast, we headed to the party at Deanna Rose farmstead.  We had a great time surrounded by so many people that love Dylan and wanted to celebrate his 4th!








D was still so amped after the party, that he wouldn't go down for a we decided that watching Calliou with Aunt NiNi was a better alternative :)

Of course, D fell asleep on the way to my parents' house...but woke up for some baseball with NiNi and Uncle Billy before NiNi had to head home!

And now everything that's been going on post-birthday celebration :)

We've been to the dentist...

And to the park (again and again and again!)...

Played with the Winter family who came to visit from Iowa...

We've been back to Deanna Rose...and got to feed the baby cows after we watched the mommy cow get milked :)

Celebrated Madison and Jessica getting confirmed :)

Last week, D and I headed to Des Moines...JoAnne and I did the glow run which was CRAZY!!  Imagine 14 thousand people (many of whom pre-partied for many hours) all dressed in neon with glow was a blast!  D's favorite part of Des Moines, of course, was the pool balls!  And playing with Namma :)  

On Saturday morning, we headed to the Y with the Quentin, Cameron, Stella, Wyatt and was great seeing everybody!  We made piggy banks and then shot some hoops!  Afterwards, we headed to the zoo.  It was a bit cold, but the kiddos had a great time!

Being a flamingo!


The sea lions were so cute!  This one rubbed up against the glass like D was really petting him!

Glow Run fun :)

On Sunday morning, we played lots of pool balls and headed to the park at my elementary school!

The past few nights, we have been enjoying the warmer weather (finally)!  We've been doing a lot of bike riding and baseball playing!  D and I are both so happy that spring is finally here (and hopefully to stay!).

All right, that's it...I'm finally caught up!  Someday, I'm going to look back at this blog and realize why I am tired :)