Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays

Like daddy, like son...

Tough day for us around here...Zach's birthday. Miss him more than anyone could ever imagine...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Aunt Nicki's Back...Hooray!!

For those of you who haven't heard Ella perform the Aunt Nicki's here, hooray song, it's a must see! We're all so excited to have her back!!!
Jam session at the Morris House :)

Fun w/Glo-Doodles in a tent!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays

Happy 35th wedding anniversary Namma and Papa (on Tuesday). We got group pictures for their anniversary present, so check them out below!!

Also, a HUGE congratulations to our favorite nurse Kristen on passing her boards and officially becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practioner (PNP)!!! We can't imagine anyone better to take care of little ones.

Dylan and his favorite nurse on his last day in the NICU...(wow, can you believe he was so small!?!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is this Heaven?? No, it's Table Rock Lake!!!

Make sure to check out the new 16 month picture on the side (or the Wordless Wednesday post below).

Dylan continues to grow and change so quickly! I need to make a list of all the words he knows...he'll now say sssssssssss when I ask him what sound a snake makes, he makes a moo-like sound for a cow, a baa-like sound for a sheep and a woof-like sound for a dog (he's been doing that one for a long time). He runs all over the place and continues to climb on everything. He's super happy and is super fun to be around.

He likes bringing books to you and sitting in your lap while you read them (his favorite lap to date is Grandma Toni!). We had a great weekend with Toni, Dorian and Sam. I let Andrea borrow my camera to take to the lake so all the pictures are on Toni's camera, so I will post them once I get them.

Dylan also officially threw his first was actually kind of amusing :) On Friday, we went shopping at the Legends outlet mall with Grandma Toni. We had been shopping for quite a while and it was past dinner time. Dylan was definitely tired of shopping, hungry and tired in general. I let him climb up and down some of the stairs and then picked him up so we could go to the car and head to dinner. Well, Dylan is definitely at the age where he doesn't want me imposing my will on him. He started doing the whole crying and writhing and trying to get out of my arms so he could get back to the steps. The funniest part was the looks I got carrying him to the cars: knowing looks/smiles from half the people and looks of "why are you torturing that kid?" from the rest. Luckily, as soon as we got to the van and then to the restaurant he was back to his normal happy self. I know that I'm pretty lucky that we're at 16 months and just to our first tantrum...I also know that we're in for a ton more...and something tells me I won't find them all amusing!

And now for the much anticipated pics from the lake...a huge thanks to Erin for taking so many great pictures with her awesome camera!

As I've mentioned, we had a GREAT time at the lake! I wouldn't change anything about the trip...except maybe staying even longer!! The VanDeVelde's were amazing and gracious hosts (as always!) and we all had a blast!! Dylan loved watering the plants with Jane, having Erin chase him around the house, high fiving Ryan and chasing Roxy (their dog) all around. We have such great pics, that I'll let them do the story telling along with some captions!

Saturday morning, Erin gave Dylan his first driving lesson around the neighborhood. We checked out all of the houses and even saw a group of deer!

Dylan's first experience with boat cheese...a VDV tradition!! It's deliciously addictive and Dylan loved it as much as everybody else! He kept saying more and eating and eating it!

We had a blast hanging out in the pool! Dylan loves being in the water. He especially loved it when I would swim across the pool underwater and play peek-a-boo with him. He also loved Erin throwing him into the air! He'd get the biggest smile on his face and just laugh and laugh!

Trying to blow bubbles like mommy...he never really got the hang of it, but didn't mind having his face in the water.

Smiling with of my favorite pics!

After Dylan's nap, we headed out on the boat. I was a little nervous because Dylan didn't love being in a life jacket the last time b/c they are so binding, but he was great this time. He loved that I put his sippy cup in a koozie and Erin loved snapping pics of it :)

Dylan absolutely loved Erin's brother Ryan (hey, what's not to love!?!). Ryan made it is personal mission to teach Dylan how to do a fist bump...he got pretty good by the end of the weekend (and still does it). Here he is high fiving Ryan...

And here he is with a perfect fist bump!

One of our morning rituals...making orange juice with Erin :)

Hanging with Jim :)

More fun pool time!

On Sunday, while Dylan napped, we went out for a quick boat ride so that Lars and I could do some water skiing. Lars of course got up perfectly the first took me a few tries, but once I got back in the hang of things I had a really good time!

Aren't we a classy group...and yes, that's Boone's I'm drinking!!

Classic sunglass pic for my dad!

Hanging out in the pool! Dylan loved the Table Rock hat (he loves wearing adult hats). He wore the hat all weekend and Jane (Erin's mom) gave it to him at the end of the weekend. He continues to wear it all the time...our own special memory of the lake!

Erin's grandparents were also at the lake. We had a great time hanging out with them and playing Spades until all hours of the night! As you can see, Dylan also had a blast playing with them!!
Here are a couple of other pics from the last few weeks...

Dylan's class made tie-dye shirts for 70's's Dylan sporting his!

We went to Des Moines for the Iowa Father-Daughter alternating shot golf tournament. Neither my dad nor I have played much golf lately (I haven't played much in the past 3 years!). We actually played pretty well and shot a 91 which is great for us! One of the highlights of our DSM trip was getting to see JoAnne, Jeremy, Sarah and of course Baby Quentin! He's getting so big and is SO cute! He even slept on me for a long time after we had put Dylan to bed.

My cousin Mike came to KC for business and my Uncle Dieter came down from Iowa. We all enjoyed dinner together and it was great seeing everybody!!

Ella is already better at the Wii than Andrea ;)

Morris showing his skills at handling both a tricycle and a wagon at once!

The one picture I have of Toni's visit. We had a BLAST!! And I will post more pics once I get them :)

We're dog sitting for Kozmo while the Morris clan is at the lake...Dylan loves chasing him around! Here we are having fun at the park :)

Wordless Wednesdays

Happy 16 month birthday, Dylan :) I promise this "wordless" Wednesday is soon to be followed by a "wordful" (yes, I know not a word) Wednesday. I have the pics from the lake uploaded, just need to add some color check back later tonight/tomorrow :)