Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Oh! the Places You'll Go

Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're Off and away! Dr. Seuss Zach and I have always loved travelling (even though sometimes it's a bit stressful...maybe a little more for Zach than me!) Obviously, once you start travelling with kiddos life becomes a bit more complicated! But once I realized what a great little traveler D is; it has been easy for the most part!! I think we have adequately taken advantage of the fact that kids under 2 get to fly of D's second birthday, we have taken 16 trips that involved airplanes (we've taken a number of other trips to Iowa, Illinois and the lake as well, but just wanted to count trips on planes). For those of you who don't want to do the math, that's more than 1 trip every 2 wonder I'm so tired. 9 of the 16 trips have been to Chicago and want to give a huge thanks once again to Toni, Karl and Nicki for making coming to Chicago as easy as possible! It really is a home away from home and we are very appreciative!! Here's a recap with a few pics from each of the trips! I can't believe how much D has grown and how fun it is to take him places because he's so interested in his surroundings. We might slow down our travel a little now that we have to buy another ticket, but have trips to Vegas, California and a few to Chicago already planned for the summer. Here's to many more fun adventures!! 1. D's first trip to Chicago (of course!) For the first annual memorial game for Zach.
2. California for a great time with family!!

3. Chicago again...for Carrie Mac's wedding!!

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina to visit Aunt Nicki and D's first stamp in a passport!!

5. Chicago again...guess who's a year old? D is going to think that every birthday deserves a multi-city celebration!

6. Las Vegas...what 1 year old hasn't been to Vegas!? Cheering on Papa at the pool tourney and having a blast at the pool!

7. Chicago for Aunt Nicki's graduation!

8. Chicago for Remy and Dave's wedding!

9. Chicago for the 2nd annual memorial Cubs game!

10. Phoenix, Arizona for Terra's wedding and some family time!

11. Chicago for the Iowa vs. Northwestern game and some Bears football!

12. Chicago to check out Aunt Nicki's new apartment! And to play in the snow :)

13. Las Vegas, Baby!! A second family reunion in Vegas!

14. El Dorado, Puerto Rico...a great trip to paradise!!

15. Colorado...a trip to snowy mountain! Next year, skiing??

16. Chicago...Happy 2nd birthday, D! I can't wait for many many more trips with you!!

Sorry for how late I got this post up...stayed up last night working on it, but didn't quite get it done! Also, for those of you accustomed to only looking on Wednesdays, there are a few birthday posts below!


  1. Outstanding trip down memory lane. You really are organized to get this together. Wow!

  2. So many great pictures! Boy, he has changed! :)
    Sarah & Jeremy

  3. Amazing how well traveled D already is! Thanks for the recap, great memories! :)