Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Table Rock Lake!!

Blog-a-palooza we are into catch up mode!  I was going to post the lake pictures with the summer update, but there were too many great pictures!!  We headed to the lake this year over the 4th of July which meant a bonus day in paradise for us!!  This is one of our favorite's so cute watching D be familiar with everything because we go every year.  He remembers where things are, loves hanging with Jim and Jane and has an absolute blast!  A huge thank you to Jim and Jane for always being such wonderful hosts!  I can't imagine a more relaxing place to visit and they make us feel so at home!  Erin is even more of a picture taker than I am, so I'll let them do most of the talking...

One of the many reasons Lars is one of my best friends...she didn't hesitate when I suggested she get in the cart with all the Boone's...meanwhile, Erin walked away to another aisle and pretended she didn't know us :)

Carolyn was able to join us again this year!!  She's now in Austria on the adventure of a lifetime...trying to figure out how to get an invite to visit her there :)


Our annual Boone's-fest!!!  

D had a love/hate relationship with the lake and tubing...he is such a fish in a pool, but the lake intimidated him a bit.  He liked tubing, until we "fell" off turning.  It was more like a slow roll, because the boat was moving so slow, the tube dipped on a turn.  My guess is he'll love it next year!

Proof I can still water ski!

A lake can really wear a kiddo out!

Dinner on the boat!!  And Jim let Dylan drive home...Erin has let Dylan "help" her drive before, but Jim actually let Dylan control the wheel.  Once he realized he was actually in charge, he loved it!!

The Sayers family was at another resort at the lake, but came and played with us!!  Grant LOVED the lake and tubing!!

Beer pong in the D young :)

D and Erin having a trick contest :)

I still have never been able to successfully slalom (ski on one ski)'s Kris making it look easy...and below you'll see my attempt...

D loves road trips with Lars, because we always stop at McDonald's for ice cream :)

Here's a video of D swimming in Erin's pool.  He has gotten so good at swimming and absolutely loves the water!!

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