Thursday, September 12, 2013

Speaking of Pink, It's A...

Hold that thought...

We went to Chicago over Labor Day for the annual Cubs Memorial Game for Zach.  We had a great trip!!  Toni and Karl are amazing hosts and always go above and beyond...and this year, there was some added excitement (how do you like all of this foreshadowing)...shockingly, I took a million pics, so I'll let them do most of the talking!  

D managed to stay in good spirits at the airport...even though we didn't take off until 11:00 p.m. due to storms in Chicago...there was a lot of drama, switching airlines, terminals, cancelled flights, etc, but in the end, we made it :)

Craft fun!!  We made our own paper :)

We kept with our Giordano's tradition, but because it was a later game, we went for lunch beforehand...(and now the moment you've been waiting for!)  Aunt NiNi is expecting a little one in January!!  She decided to do gender reveal cupcakes at Giordano' took FOREVER for the kiddos to get to the icing in the middle...finally Uncle Morris broke a cupcake in half!  It's a...  

GIRL!!!  We couldn't be happier for Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris.  Based on how amazing they are as aunt/uncle this little baby is going to be one lucky little girl.  Dylan, Ella and Maggie couldn't be more excited too!  Although, all think that waiting until after Christmas, doesn't seem reasonable at all!

The boys hanging out :)

Hard to tell Dylan not to jump from the booth when Uncle Chris does it as well :)

D having fun with Steve and Beck!

Stella wasn't overly impressed by the Cubs :)

On Sunday, we headed to the park to play on the playground and hit up some miniature golf!

This is D after he climbed up the pole of the swing set...he is a monkey!

I won the three hole playoff b/t Carrie Mac, Erin and me :)

D did get a hole in one, so Andrea did her famous cartwheel for him :)

After mini-golf, we grilled out at Toni and Karl's.  The food was great, and we enjoyed having a picnic on the deck :)

Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris had wedding festivities all weekend...luckily, they were able to play with us a lot as well!

Yes, I made them pose like homecoming :)  Chris captioned this pic: I guess since I knocked her up, I better at least take her to prom :)

After everybody left, D made some musical instruments :)

Watching Lady and the Tramp with Great Grandma Pat

Ella bought us all flowers...she really is the sweetest!

Reading The Stinky Cheese Man with grandpa...Dylan and Karl thought it was SO funny!  It was so cute to watch them both crack up!

Luckily the flight home was much more uneventful...we got to enjoy some popcorn compliments of Uncle Chris!!  And made it back to KC early!

A huge thank you to everybody who came to the game and hung out while we were in Chicago.  It is always a very emotional weekend for me, but one that is also very important to me as well!  It's so nice to get to spend time with so many of our family and friends and remember Zach. 

One more huge thank you to Toni and Karl for hosting all of us!!  I know 3 kiddos and an additional 6 adults is a lot, and as always you were incredibly welcoming and amazing hosts! 

And last but not least, a huge CONGRATS to Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris!!  We cannot wait to meet Baby "Gertie".  You two are going to be amazing parents!!  

For those of you only checking once a week, this is day 2 of below for more updates!


  1. Very exciting that we will have another little one in the family. Great pictures. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Man, this was a good week for the blog!

    Great time in Chicago, thanks for everything Mom and Karl.