Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lucky # 14

Happy 14 month birthday, Dylan :) As you can see, he's definitely following in mommy and daddy's footsteps and already LOVES Vegas. We had a great trip and I have a couple of picture marathons to come...but wanted to get these up!!!

Dylan enjoying some black jack action at Caesar's Palace. The best was the crowd that gathered saying how cute he was! And then the lady telling me, "Ma'am, your baby isn't allowed to sit at the black jack table!". And my response, "Oh really!? Sorry, I didn't know!" Gotta love Vegas!!

Dylan has a bit of a cold and wasn't super thrilled about the Bellagio fountains. The music was super loud where we were and I think it scared him. However, he looks awfully cute in this pic :)

Holding onto mommy :)


  1. The first of many trips to Vegas! He is such a good traveler. And a good luck charm.

  2. What a world traveler and such a cutie!!! :)