Friday, May 28, 2010

Slacker Mommy...

Only because I refuse to go the whole weekend w/o a post, but have no time to get new pics/stories posted before we leave's a couple of phone pics from the last few weeks! Lots more pics/stories to come. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Morris aptly titled this "cutest picture ever?!?" when he sent it to me. Ella and Dylan sure do love each other! Here they are sharing a shopping cart at Sam's Club purchasing the new super duper swing set the Morris family purchased. We look forward to LOTS of fun time swinging and sliding!

Dylan loves hanging out in my room while I get ready for work. And he looks extra adorable in his frisbee dog outfit compliments of Sarah, JoAnne and the Jeremys (I'm pretty sure it's an ode to Scooter!)

JoAnne thought this was such a cute pic that it should be in Sports Illustrated...Dylan had a great time running the bases after watching mommy play softball. The weather was perfect and Applebee's took home another gold medal!!!


  1. super cute pics slacker mommy. we get to experience the super duper swing set too, as my sis bought it for her crew.

  2. I can't wait to watch Dylan play ball himself.