Friday, June 18, 2010

"The tassel's worth the hassle!" ~ Aunt Nicki

We're in Chicago for Aunt Nicki's graduation :) She didn't really say the quote above, but it made me laugh so hard she agreed to let me use it! Dylan did great on the flight...decided he wasn't really into sleeping but was super smiley and loved playing peek-a-boo with everybody on the plane. He also loved my water cup that I wisely got with a lid and straw to avoid spilling...who knows why we spend money on toys, that thing kept him occupied for almost 30 minutes!

We heard from the surgeon today, and as he suspected it was not his testicle that he saw on Monday. So the good news is that Dylan's testicle is likely still functioning somewhere in his abdomen...the bad news is it means another surgery. We'll probably schedule it for early fall so Aunt Nicki is back from her adventures around the world (try not to be too jealous, she'll have been to 5 continents this year when she gets back!). Dr. Ostlie will also have to go in through D's stomach so he'd like to give him a few months more of recovery from the last surgery before opening him up again.

I am now up to approximately 89 pics I need to post and will have many more from this weekend...hopefully, I'll get them up soon!!

For now, congrats to Aunt Nicki! We're so proud of you :) Welcome to the graduate degree club!!

A plastic cup, a lid and a straw...what could be better?!?

D before boarding our flight...he was waving and blowing kisses at all the people getting off the plane. It was super cute!

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  1. Dylan is a super traveler--just like his Mommy was when she was a little one! He gets cuter and cuter and cuter.