Sunday, April 4, 2010

Days 4-5

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday! Things get a bit hectic and I've been awfully worn out. I'm sure all the other moms out there can relate, it's awfully hard watching your little one in pain. The good news is Dylan is doing great! Here's a recap from the last 2 days:

We headed back to our old room (that's right, we moved to our old room) on Friday afternoon. Dylan continued to seem much better than he had been but was still getting fevers. We gave him Tylenol to help break the fever and that definitely seemed to work. Billy made us rigatoni and brought it for dinner. It was excellent and a welcome change from hospital food (the food at Children's is actually great...there's only just so much of it you can eat). Friday night was pretty good...except they had to assess Dylan every 2 hours so although we all slept much better it was very interrupted sleep.

Dylan continued to get better on Saturday. Andrea and Morris brought up Ella and Maggie so we had a blast hanging out on the playground again. Ella loves all the slides and could go down them a thousand times before getting bored! It was a fairly uneventful day which was nice. Dylan continued to be feverish but nobody seemed overly concerned.

My mom noticed that Dylan's leg with the IV was starting to get tight, so we pointed it out to the nurse. We decided that it was probably best to start a new IV, rather than having this one go bad and have it be much more of a panic to get a new one in. Dylan's nurse tried to start one but was unsuccessful. She called somebody from the PICU (they are usually experts at IVs) but the two nurses from the PICU each tried twice unsucessfully. Finally, they decided to call an anesthesiologist who luckily was able to get the IV started.

So as I'm typing this and boiling it down, it all seems fairly low key. However, Dylan was absolutely hysterical about getting stabbed 6 times. Each time he'd get super upset as they tried to find the vein and then the subsequent pokes. We finally got the IV in around midnight so we were all exhausted (both mentally and physically). Dylan actually slept pretty well which was great, but I was kind of a wreck. I felt so guilty that I had "encouraged" the putting in the new IV which led to him getting stuck 6 times and 3 hours of pain, hysteria etc. I woke up this morning with a migraine and Dylan's fever was back. I was pretty down thinking we were never going to get out of here and worried that Dylan wasn't getting better. The surgeon rounded and said he thought Dylan was doing awesome, he wasn't at all worried about the fever and said Dylan could eat anything he wanted now and that we could maybe go home on Monday.

Dylan continued to have a great day. He ate much more (still nothing but milk), although nowhere close to what he usually eats. We turned off his morphine and he seemed to do pretty well with just Tylenol. He spent a lot of the day sleeping on me which was kind of nice. Unfortunately, he's developed a ton of anxiety around all of the nurses. Every time one walks into the room he gets a bit hysterical. I can't say I blame him, but I still feel kind of badly. He's also definitely in a mommy mode and is most content if I am holding him. Although I love the cuddling, it's a bit hard to not be able to hand him off without him getting hysterical. I'm sure it'll pass soon and he'll once again prefer Aunt Nicki to me :) The Morris clan came up again today and Andrea made us Easter enchiladas (there's nothing really Easter about them except that we ate them on Easter). Felicia and Andy also came to visit and brought D an adorable bunny rabbit. We tried to recreate the Easter basket shot in the hospital from last year, but were not very successful. We got some pics, but Dylan was fairly hysterical the whole time. Dylan is sleeping very peacefully in bed, so hopefully we'll have a good night. We're still looking for him to poop (his stomach is super hard and he definitely needs to), so hopefully that will come tonight or tomorrow. And hopefully we'll continue to progress and either get out of here tomorrow or Tuesday.

Here are some pics from the last few days. I don't have the Easter pics uploaded yet, but I'll try to get it with tomorrow's update :)

Comfortable laying on Namma!

Dylan's first jello!

Dylan got fussy and tried to stand up in his crib. Aunt Nicki picked him up and he fell asleep leaning on her. He looked SO cute!!

Dylan slept through Uncle Morris' visit!

Looking awfully peaceful!

Sleeping on mommy (this one is from today)

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