Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 3

Dylan did great last night! As hoped, we had a very uneventful night and we didn't have to change any of Dylan's levels on anything. The diuretic definitely did the trick, and most of Dylan's puffiness is gone. They also did blood cultures (to see if his fever is being caused by an infection) and started him on some antibiotics. The fever can definitely be caused by the trauma from surgery, but they started the antibiotics to be on the safe side. The cultures will come back after 48 hours and assuming he doesn't have an infection, they'll stop the antibiotics. If by some chance, he does have an infection, they will likely keep him here for a week so they can do a full round of IV antibiotics (apparently it's a bit better than anything through the mouth).

So, other than the sticking him to get all of the blood tests, etc, our stay in the PICU has been lovely. The one other downside is they don't really have beds, so I "slept" in a recliner that lay fairly flat and Nicki put a bunch of blankets down and just slept on the floor. Neither of us slept very well (the PICU is much more open than the floor, for good reason, so there were just lots of beeping alarms and people talking all night). Dylan slept fairly well and seemed much more comfortable than yesterday afternoon.

This morning, everybody that has come to check Dylan out has had nothing but great things about how he'd doing, looks, etc. The surgeons rounded and have made the decision to send Dylan back to the floor which is great. He's no longer on oxygen (they actually took him off that last night) and they took his catheter out. We're still hanging out in the PICU, just waiting for a bed to open up. The surgeons also indicated that they thought we'd get to go home in a couple of days, so I'm hoping that we can head home on Sunday (don't worry, we'll get the Easter basket pic either at home or in the hospital!). I'm not allowed to feed Dylan still, but hoping that I can maybe do it this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest.

So, good news from Children's Mercy. I'll post with some new pics later this afternoon when we get moved back to the floor. For now, here's a cell phone pic...not great but you can see how peaceful he looks!

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