Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas to All!!!

So, I realize that I missed a week...but that's because this year at the Harsch household, Christmas lasted over a week!!!  So, here we go with lots of pics (and even more to come when I get copies of Grandma's).

For those of you wondering if you didn't make the Christmas card list, once again, I didn't send any...but here's what they might have looked like, had I sent them :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Crazy hair day and the first snow!!!

We headed to Iowa the weekend before Christmas.  We really wanted to see the Turner and Hamilton fams!  Fortunately/unfortunately, Iowa got over a foot of snow a few days before we went.  It made for some nervous driving, but we had a great time playing in the snow!!

On Saturday morning, we headed over to the Turner house for some presents and snow!

Baby Cameron is getting so big!!

These two are so cute together!!  Somehow I get the feeling that they will get into trouble together when they get older just like their moms!

D thought it was a super fun game to jump across the "ditch"...he was successful most of the time!

D showing Q the best hiding place in the house :)  Under the bed!
When it was time for Q's nap, we decided to head over to Grandpa and Grandma Morris' house because the girls were there sledding.  We continued to have a great's so cute how much Dylan, Ella and Maggie love playing together!  They get so excited to see each other, you would think they didn't see each other nearly as often as they do!

Andrea saved the kiddos from the tree :)

Hot chocolate after sledding!

Think all that outdoor time wore D out??

Sarah and Jeremy brought Wyatt and Jackson over when we got home.  The twins are getting SO big and are as cute as ever!!! 

What trip to Iowa is complete without lots of pool balls??
On Sunday morning, we headed to Mark's farm.  D had a great time getting to see cows and playing with all the kiddos!  When we drove up, there was a really big cow grazing in the field...D told me he thought there was a good chance it was a buffalo :)



Blacklight bowling fun!!  D had a blast!!  (as did I!)

We decided to stay the night in Des Moines instead of driving back to KC on Sunday night.  Namma was already in KC, so D was very excited to sleep in her bed!  As you can see, Sophie (our elf) kept an eye on D :)

More pool balls!!

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house in KC.  We went to church with my brother, Brigid and her family...then we opened presents and set out milk and cookies for Santa!

D decided that Santa had enough cookies and that he should get to eat one :)

The bike was actually from Uncle Dennis and Aunt Beth, but here is the Santa set up...D has been asking for a pretend kitchen for months!  And even specified he wanted a wooden one!

Making a donut (yes, I'm pretty sure it's a bagel) for Aunt NiNi...if you recall, she always takes him to Dunkin' Donuts when we're in NYC or Chicago!

Playing with papa's new helicopter toy!

It cracks me up how into video games Dylan already is...just like his Uncle Billy :)

Helping hang the tv on the wall in the treadmill room...D kept running downstairs to get tools to help!
Grandma Toni, Grandpa Karl, Aunt NiNi and Uncle Chris came the Friday after Christmas (I told you we celebrated for a week!)  D got some more awesome toys and we had so much fun getting to play with everybody!

When we went bowling the first time, D discovered an indoor mini-golf place.  I have been promising that we could go over Christmas when everybody was in town!

D doing a "hole in one" dance...he had two holes in ones, Ella, Maggie, NiNi and Andrea each had one...

Saturday night, we all had dinner at my parents' house.  Papa made beef tenderloin for the first time and it was delicious!  After dinner, there were even more presents!!

D in his USC outfit that Chris' sister Lindsay gave him...he looks a lot like a gnome :)

We were playing hide and go seek and Chris and D decided they needed "hunting clubs"!

On New Year's Eve, we got some more snow...D was really excited to help me shovel :)

No carrots or coal...our snowman's accessories were jelly beans and gummy lifesavers :)

D takes every minute he can to ride his new bike...even if it means one loop while I'm loading the car!

On Tuesday, Ella was "reading" Maggie and Dylan stories :)  It was super cute!

A bonus pic from tonight since I'm a (8) day(s) late!  Papa and I had Chinese...this is apparently how D does Chinese :)


  1. Great pictures. Good way to start the new year.

  2. Great pictures. Good way to start the new year.

  3. We had a great time celebrating with you guys!

    The picture on top of the hay bale is impressive.



  4. Great to spend time with everybody in KC!

  5. Great pictures, love the one's of Dylan jumping in the snow. I'm jealous of all the snow you have.
    So glad Dylan likes the bike, he looks so grown up.
    Give D a big hug and kiss for us
    Love you guys,
    Beth and Dennis

  6. Awesome post! Loved every picture.. all 100 of them. I have no idea what this trouble is you speak of. :)

  7. Happy New Year! Looking forward to a fun 2013. :)