Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You'd Better Watch Out, You'd Better Not Cry, You'd Better Not Pout...

I'm telling you why...

...Aunt NiNi is coming to town!!!

That's right, Aunt NiNi surprised us this past weekend by coming to town!  She had a few days off from work so she came late Sunday night to Tuesday.  She watched all three kiddos on Monday and they had a blast!  Dylan was SO excited to get to spend some quality NiNi time and has been asking for her constantly.  Luckily, she comes back soon (with Uncle Chris, Grandma and Grandpa in tow) so we have a countdown going!

Making gingerbread men with the kiddos!  She got all 3 to nap at the same time for over an hour and a half...miracle worker!

Tuesday morning breakfast at IHOP!


Two bounce houses in two days?!?

We went to Bass Pro shop last weekend to see Santa.  D had fun on the carousel and in the snowball area (until the elf accidentally hit him in the head!)  D didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, but he did very nicely tell Santa that he wanted a pretend kitchen! 

Last Friday, D had his holiday concert!  Once again, he was a big ham and had so much fun singing!

On Sunday, Andrea took my mom, Ella and me to see the Nutcracker.  The show was really fun and we had a great time!  Ella did such a good job sitting still and listening (during the show, I was thinking that D would never sit through something like that!)


Celebrating my birthday with the three cutest kiddos!!

 The highest "airplane" ride ever from Uncle Billy!!


 Happy Birthday, Mommy!!

 Here's the super cute birthday card D made me at preschool...since it's a bit hard to read:
"I love you because you take me to the lazy river (the indoor pool).  I love you because you are special and I miss you bunches.  I love you because you are nice.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you and my NiNi too! (told you D has been missing NiNi!!)

Here's the Christmas card I got...and proof that D sat on Santa's lap at school (I was SHOCKED and still am!)  Also notice on the two cards how good D is getting at his signature!


  1. Christmas is very special through the eyes of a child. Enjoy the wonder of the season!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Great to spend the holidays with you guys! I need to come back soon :)

    Love you all!
    Ni Ni