Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Did I Get SO Sappy!?!

I wasn't always a super sappy person...but ever since I've had Dylan, I've become quite the sap!  Nothing has ever tugged at my heart strings the way he can.  There have already been a few instances when I've had to swallow the lump in my throat and hold back tears and they usually involve me being so proud to be Dylan's mom.  A few of the more recent times I can remember...taking Dylan to his first swim lessons.  It was one of the first activities he has done that I haven't been an active participant.  He went with the coach without hesitation and did a great job.  Secondly, his preschool music just overwhelms me to see him becoming such a grown up!  He is an awesome little kiddo and I'm lucky to have him!!

In October, we had parent teacher conferences at Dylan's preschool.  It was super nice getting to hear his teacher say so many nice things about Dylan.  Last week, they sent home quarterly reports...Dylan is completing everything on the checklist with the one exception of "separates easily from parent".  That gets a sometimes :)  Apparently, when I was little, I was the worst in terms of getting dropped off, so it might be a bit genetic.  On the report, the teacher also wrote detailed comments about Dylan.  Here's what it said:

Dylan is a very intelligent and social little boy.  He is a very good listener during circle time always the first to raise his hand to answer a question with such confidence and enthusiasm.  He makes teaching so much fun.  Dylan enjoys being a teacher’s helper in any way he is always so charming and gets my chair and sets it by the calendar, so I am ready to go when it is circle time.  What a gentleman!

I can't read that without it bringing tears to my eyes! 

Okay, enough are a few cute pics from the week :) 

Uncle Chris and Aunt NiNi got Dylan Zingo (picture bingo) for Christmas...he LOVES playing it and even loves being the caller!

Melinda had to pick up her work notebook and brought D a treat...a "melted snowman" cookie that she made for her daughter's class.  They were delicious and adorable!!

Over/under on when I will get to have normal colored eggs again?!?  D insists that our eggs are green...or sometimes pink, blue, etc :)

On Saturday, we went to the library...D really enjoys all the activities they have set up for kiddos :)

 Hard to tell what's going on in this picture...the blurry red disks are from a nerf gun (that I actually got for my 18th birthday) and I was shooting them at D while he wore Papa's motorcycle helmet...and yes for those of you who are curious, we had an extensive discussion about gun safety and why you should never aim a gun at a person!

The 3 Musketeers playing on D's leappad that Grandma and Grandpa gave him for Christmas!

D and I decided that since Sophie (the elf) was going away for the year, he could hug her one time (you aren't normally allowed to touch the elves!)  And in case you are wondering why my tree is still up, D asked if we could keep it up one more week because it made him am I going to argue with that?


  1. Dylan is an awesome little kiddo, and you certainly have a lot to be proud of :) I think it is partially the awesome Harsch fam genes!


  2. And we continue to be proud of our kiddos to this day. When asked to describe himself in two words during one of those silly parlor games, Herb replied swiftly, "Great kids".

    That was in the 80s and is still true today.