Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like...

We have had another great, fun and busy week!  Erin came to town last weekend and we had a great time hanging out with her, Lars and the Sayers!

But first, here are a few more pics from the Lego Land :)

Last week, Dylan and I went to Panera for dinner.  Afterwards, we were driving by the "big park" and we saw they had decorated it for Christmas.  It was fairly warm outside, so Dylan and I decided to walk around the lake to enjoy the lights.  My favorite part was dancing in the gazebo while attempting to sing as much of the song from Sound of Music that I can remember (which is only a few words!) 

And now...weekend fun!!

Erin got Dylan a golfing pool set...the kid was in heaven!

Green eggs (and ketchup) with Erin!

Dylan loves the self portrait function on my iPhone!

On Saturday morning, we decided to make Christmas cookies.  We had a houseful with Ella, Maggie, Grant, Andie, Dylan, Kristen, Lars, Erin, Mark and me!  It was controlled chaos for the most part...the kiddos actually were pretty into the making of the cookies and really liked decorating!  I'm still finding sprinkles on the floor, but we had a blast!


Even Lucy came for the party (Larsy's dog!)





G man decided to use all of the red sprinkles :)

Reading stories with Erin on Saturday night!

Playing games with Lars on her phone!

Sunday afternoon, the girls decided to run some errands while Matt took care of the boys.  Grant napped, while Dylan and Matt decided to "camp out" and watch some Christmas movies. 

 What trip is complete without Erin throwing D up in the air!

On Tuesday, Dylan got sick at preschool so spent the day at Papa's house.  In good news, D wasn't sick I think he just had something caught in his throat.  He had a great time playing with Papa and loved getting to nap in the big bed!

On Wednesday, D got his flu mist at the doctor.  We went to McDonald's afterwards for lunch and D was in heaven!

Decorating the Christmas tree :)

Tonight, I took Dylan to a restaurant where the food is delivered on a train.  He has gone to sleep perfectly (we've been struggling again) three nights in a row so I took him there to celebrate.  He LOVED it there...I see many more trips in our future, especially if it means good bedtimes!  :)


  1. Great lights around the pond at the big park and great fun decorating cookies. Cute pictures!

  2. Looks like an awesome, fun-filled weekend!

    Can I go to the train restaurant some time?

    Love you guys!

  3. I think we need one of those train restaurants in Des Moines - Will definitely have to stop there next time we're in town. Love all the pictures! Q has been practicing singing happy birthday to you (and himself). Get ready for it! Can't wait to see you soon.

  4. Great pictures Bobbie.. thank you. Always the highlight of my week.