Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - I'd Rather Be Golfing!!

Yes, I am more than aware that once again Wednesday Weekly Review is coming on a Thursday...but hey, I still haven't missed a week, yet :)

Last weekend, we went to Iowa for the annual father/daughter golf tourney.  It was surprisingly cool (in the 60s when we started) and we had a great time.  I struggled a bit on the front nine (turns out golfing 1-2 times a year isn't enough), but we actually shot very well on the back nine!

Saturday night, my mom and dad took Dylan to play his first ever real hole of golf.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited he was (and for those of you who are really interested, the entire thing has been captured on video as well).  Dylan did great and had an absolute blast!!!

Finally, here are some pics from the lake weekend.  As I mentioned, previously, we had an amazing time!!!  D loved it there and it was so nice getting to spend some quality time with the girls (+Grant!).

Erin's favorite new pic...her version of a DD!

Look who's walking!!

Traditional Boone's with Lars :)

 D loved watching me water ski...and I was proud that I could still do it!  

One of D's favorite things...playing on the pool table!!

Another with Erin!!