Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Slacker Mommy!!!

I know, I know...this is becoming a bad habit!  But, I've had a lot going on, people!  D stayed home with Papa on Monday and they had a great day capped off by an afternoon at the pool where I joined them after work.  The pool was pretty much empty and D decided he wanted to go off the diving board!  They wouldn't let him wear his floaties but they told him we could catch him.  D didn't hesitate at all and loved jumping off the diving board!  When I asked him if he was scared he said, "No, because I knew my Papa would catch me!"  He is anxiously waiting going back to the pool this weekend!

Practicing jumping off the side into the deep end!

No hesitation!!

We spent this past weekend in NYC having a wonderful time with NiNi and Chris!!!  We took a million great pics and I promise to get those, California and All Star game up soon!!!


  1. Glad Papa has lifeguard experience. D is a little fish.

  2. Looks like a blast! I wish I was at the pool with D and Papa!