Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Slumber Party!!

We had a nice weekend in KC!  We went to a birthday party on Saturday, followed by some pool time and a slumber party at our house.  The kiddos were all great and we had so much fun together!

Green eggs and... pancakes!  Namma is a professional pancake maker and made all the kids Mickey Mouse pancakes as well as letters for their names.  

On Sunday after naps, we headed to Craig Street for some playtime and dinner.  D was very excited to play in his blow up pool with the elephant slide.  My brother and dad decided that the elephant slide wasn't nearly exciting enough, so they hooked up the hose to the play-set slide and we created our own version of the slip-n-slide.  I tried it one time, but i am too tall and was worried about popping the pool!

D got some major speed on the slide!  And we kept the elephant slide in the pool as a backstop...he would cruise down the slide and then slam into it.  He LOVED it and would've done it all night if I hadn't made him come in for dinner!


  1. That looks awesome! Thanks for the update!