Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - California Dreaming...of Southpaw?!?

Okay, so I'll admit...this past week has been crazy, even by my standards!!!  We headed to Long Beach on the 4th of July for our annual reunion with my mom's side of the family.  All 5 of her siblings made it along with many cousins and the next generation.  It was coldish there (a welcome change from KC) and we had a blast!  I have a million pics/stories to post, but I'm too worn out to do it tonight!  For now, here's a pic of the great-grand kids that were there and Great Grandpa Bodie!

As you would guess with all these was chaos!!

After we got back from California, Carrie Mac came into town for the All Star Game!!  It was so nice getting to spend so much time with Carrie and it was definitely the experience of a lifetime!!  Many more pics/stories to come from the ASG weekend as well!!

Carrie Mac and I at the All Star Game!!!  (yes, I know I'm sporting a White Sox shirt...but I maintain that I am a Southpaw fan not a Sox fan!)

Look who we ran into...Southpaw!!!

The craziness continues as we are heading to paradise (aka the VanDeVelde lake house) this weekend!  We are SO excited for some relaxation and some major hang time with the girls (plus D and Baby Grant!). 


  1. Mac looks great. I watched the All Star Game for the first time in years! It was a great showcase for Kansas City and the stadium looks wonderful.

    Have fun at the lake. Lots of applications of sunscreen!

  2. You guys lead a very exciting life! Keep it up (and keep blogging about it).

    Love you!


  3. Lots of fun, thanks for sharing! :)