Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Clang Clang Clang went the Trolley!

D and I had another action packed week!  Last Thursday was take your kiddo to work day (the new PC version of take your daughter to work day).  D is obviously a bit on the young side, but my coworkers convinced me to bring him in for breakfast and the scavenger hunt.  We had a great time and now D asks to come to work with me every day!!!

Donuts for breakfast?!?  Life is good!

D had a great time on the scavenger hunt...he was on the girls team, of course, so he could be with Madison and Jessica (Felicia's kiddos)!

Felicia had a badge made for said Junior Financial Analyst and had his picture.  So cute!

D's favorite part of my office...the nerf guns :)

D insisted on bring Green Eggs and Ham to work.  Ben did an awesome job reading it :)

Hanging with Barry!

I love Felicia!! 

The Turner family came down for the weekend!!  We had a GREAT time with them, as usual!  I can't believe how much Quentin is changing!  He turns two in a few months and is getting so big and so old!!

Playing bubbles!

On Saturday, we had dinner at my house.  Amy and family were also in town so they came over to join the party!  Of course, my parents, the Morris fam and Will didn't want to miss the chance to see Jo, Amy and fams so they came as well.  We had 13 adults and 7 kiddos...chaos but it was great!

D throwing the awesome bubble football that the Winter family got him!  It was great and we've played with it so often that we already need to buy more bubbles!

On Sunday morning, we braved the rain and walked in the Trolley Run.  We did the Trolley Run with Beth and the Turner family last year as well and it's such a fun little tradition!  In fact, D and I discussed running the race together when he got older!  Luckily, we missed most of the heavy rain and we all had a great time!

After the Trolley Run, we headed out to breakfast:

 Q might have been a bit worn out!!

 "Baby" Collin

Beth was singing a bumble bee song!  We were all laughing SO hard!!

D enjoyed the world's largest chocolate chip pancake...and ate almost the entire thing!

Q up from his nap and ready to color!

Enjoying stomping in rain puddles at Namma and Papa's Craig Street house!!


  1. Lots and lots and lots of pictures. Great update!


  2. You need a weekend to recover from your weekends! :)