Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review - Let's Go to the Dentist!!

We had another busy fun-filled week!!

 Saturday morning, we made eggs!  They were supposed to be green, but D insisted we add all the they were more of a grey-green, but still delicious!!

On Saturday, we went to one of Uncle Morris' last track meets (after his promotion to Vice Principal, he won't be able to coach).  The track meet was fun, although very windy.  And Dylan was scared of the gun shot start...he has been very scared of loud sounds lately and the gun was no exception. 

 Bike and car fun at the Morris house!

On Sunday, I had corporate challenge volleyball!  We won all of our games on Sunday, but unfortunately lost on Tuesday.  Dylan came out on Sunday with my parents to watch.  Unfortunately, the gym was pretty loud and Dylan threw an all out fit when my mom brought him into the gym (ears covered and screaming).  He was perfectly content watching the baseball games outside...after my games, I managed to convince Dylan to go into the gym with me.  I got him to calm down and not be scared of the whistles...and he had a great time throwing the volleyball over the net.  

On Monday, Dylan had his first trip to the dentist!!  Luckily, big cousin Ella pumped up how fun it was to go, so Dylan was super excited!  He did an amazing job!!  He didn't cry once and wasn't scared.  He was a doll to everybody he met and the dentist even commented on the fact that he was one of the best three year old patients he had ever had (and yes, I know he may very well tell all the moms that, but yes it still made me very happy!)

Playing in the dinosaur play area before the appointment (one of D's favorite parts of the dentist)

Checking out the instruments!

Sporting his awesome green sunglasses and watching Dora on the ceiling!

D's favorite part of the dentist...the frozen yogurt afterwards (provided by the dentist!)

Tonight, we went back to the gym to watch Uncle Billy's team play for the championship.  I really wanted to get Dylan back to the gym so that he would get over his fear of the loud sounds and whistles.  He said he wanted to go, but as soon as we got to the gym, he didn't want to...luckily, with a little convincing we went into the gym and had a great time!  Uncle Billy's team even won gold!!!

I'll leave you with one last funny Dylan story...(warning: it's a bit on the gross side!)  On Saturday, Dylan was in the bathroom.  He often wants "privacy" and has me leave until he's done.  Well, he yelled from the bathroom, "mama, come quick!"  Not necessarily the thing you want to hear from your 3 year old in the bathroom.  So, I go into the bathroom and he (still sitting on the toilet), points and says, "look, my poop looks like a sea turtle!"  He was SO proud of himself...and I almost fell on the ground laughing!!!  He's such a fun age and I really never know what might come out of his mouth next :)


  1. Congrats to Uncle Billy! And I love the nature story....

  2. Another fun week, another great post! :)