Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Recap - Aunt NiNi in Paradise!!

That's right, Aunt NiNi came to visit us this past weekend!  We had a great weekend with lots of outdoor time!!  It was awesome to get to see Aunt NiNi two weekends in a row and all three of the kiddos (and my whole fam) was super excited to get to have some quality Aunt NiNi time!! 

Playing in the Morris backyard!

 Underdog!!!  Aunt NiNi taught Maggie the art of the underdog!  She LOVED it!!

On Saturday night, we went to see Jimmy Buffett at the Sprint Center.  My dad has always been a Buffett fan, so I bought tickets for him as a surprise.  We had a great time at the show :)  


We met up with Liz O (and her flamingo) at the concert!!!

On Sunday morning, we played at the Morris house, once again!  This time, Uncle Billy joined us!!

I had promised D that the next time Aunt NiNi came to visit that we would go miniature golfing!  So, even though it was less than 60 degrees and windy, we decided to hit up some putt putt golf before lunch.  We had a great time and Dylan talks about going miniature golfing again constantly!!  Because of the weather, we were the only people on the course, which was very nice.  Dylan was actually pretty good and legitimately beat us on two holes (both times, he made it through the obstacle on one try and it took us multiple times)!  We also had to retrieve D's golf ball out of the rocks a few times...D didn't quite get the concept of swinging "hard" versus taking a full swing with the putter!   

Hanging outside at my parents' house after naps!

One last story with Aunt NiNi before she headed back to Chi-town!


  1. Awesome Kansas hang time as always! Thanks so much for everything.

    Can't wait for more mini golf adventures.



  2. Kid looks like a natural golfer. Can't wait till he can play with me.


  3. Looking forward to the next adventure in Chicago!