Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Life is a Zoo!!

Every week, I wonder what I'm going to blog about...then somehow I end up with a hundred new pictures and a ton of stories!! Dylan continues to be so much fun! He sings constantly (often combining songs in his own way) and loves doing pretty much anything outside. He definitely can be challenging when he doesn't get his way, but for the most part we have a blast together! He is turning into such a little man in front of my eyes and continues to bring all of us around him so much happiness!

My coworkers and I had a golf tourney last Friday...since I haven't played very much, my dad and I took Dylan to the driving range. My parents gave Dylan a set of real golf clubs for his birthday, but this was the first trip to the range. Dylan LOVED golfing, although he didn't quite get that he had to use his indoor voice when he was outside. He actually was able to swing the club fairly well :)

We went out to dinner with Kris, Grant, Beth, Collin and Lars last week! We had a great time, but it was a bit chaotic, so I didn't get a very good picture...

On Saturday, we headed to Deanna Rose. D and I haven't been in a while and we enjoyed all of our favorites! We also enjoyed watching Ella ride the pony for the first time (she's ridden it before, but not while I'm there).

It was safety day at Deanna, so they had fire trucks, ambulances and all sorts of fun activities in the parking lot.

D discovering strawberry milk :)

In the Children's Mercy ambulance Dylan rode in on his birthday! It was also air conditioned and showing movies so it was a hit with everybody!

Ella spent the night and as always, we had so much fun! The only downside is that Dylan thinks Ella should stay EVERY night at our house :)

Playing in my bed in the morning!


Sunday morning, we headed to the zoo! We decided to hit up the Africa section of the zoo so we could see some of the same animals as Aunt NiNi and Chris on their safari! The zoo recently opened a sky tram that takes you over Africa. It is a GREAT way to get to see all of the animals!

That night after dinner, Papa bought mini ice cream cones for the didn't take them long to figure out how much they liked them!

D picked out this collared shirt earlier this week and told me he needed to get his picture taken. He and Papa matched, so I thought a picture was in order :)

Practicing golf in the front yard :)


  1. Great pics and great post, as always!! :)

  2. super cute photos! you sure are busy down there, always on the go.

  3. Nice job on the posts. Great pictures. Great adventures.

    I can't wait to golf with grandkids!