Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Iowa Time

We headed to Iowa this past weekend for the annual Father/Daughter golf tourney that my dad and I play in. We played pretty well despite it raining on us the entire time! When it was a lighter sprinkle, it was actually quite pleasant...unfortunately it was often raining so hard that it was hard to even see. On number 18, we actually had to move the ball on the green b/c a river had formed from all the water. But we had a good time :) My mom took Dylan to the Des Moines zoo while we played golf. They had a great time.

On Saturday night, JoAnne, Jeremy, Quentin and Sarah came over to hang out. The kiddos had a great time playing together and we had a great time catching up. It was so fun!!

Sunday morning, D and I headed out to the Winter household. It was so nice to get to see Amy, Kelly and their 3 adorable kiddos! Karson and Aubrey seem so old compared to Dylan and getting to hold Libby was great.

Overall, it was a great trip to Des Moines. We plan to head back there in a few weeks for the Iowa State Fair...I'm very excited, I think Dylan will be very into it this year! He loves looking at cows and all sort of animals :)

D and the giraffes

on a "safari"

D "helping" Quentin open his b-day presents and showing him how to use them!

two cuties!!

D showing JoAnne how to play angry birds :)

Future golfer??

Karson, Aubrey and Dylan having a blast!

Scooter time!

Libby is SO cute!!!

D has 3 favorite things to do at my parent's house in DSM. Play with their Nordic Track, play on the piano and the number 1 by a landslide...playing with pool balls. For a kiddo with a 2 minute attention span usually, he'll play with pool balls for hours. He loves rolling them into the pockets, retrieving all of them and then doing it again. It was awfully cute!!

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  1. Nice job on the Father-Daughter golf tourney. I know the goal is to shoot lower than the humidity and you made it! Dylan was lots of fun at the zoo.

    Love, Namma