Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Grandma and Grandpa Visit!!

Grandma Toni and Grandpa Karl came to visit last weekend! We had an absolutely wonderful time!! D really loved having Grandma and Grandpa in his environment and showing off for them! We also had a great time showing them the awesome new swing set. Friday night, we went out for dinner. Saturday we met my mom and the Morris clan at the zoo. Saturday night, we celebrated Toni's birthday and on Sunday we did lots of playing. It was a great trip and we can't wait for them to come back soon!!!

Concentrating on coloring the Father's Day card for Grandpa Karl!

Playing on the new swing set with Grandma and Grandpa :)

D really wanted pink, purple and blue cupcakes. I asked him multiple times and he told me every time he wanted those colors. Grandma Toni's favorite cupcakes are red velvet, so we had red velvet cupcakes and used food coloring for the icing. They were great :)

We had a great time at the zoo!! We saw a sea lion show complete with baby sea lions that was great. We also rode on camels...D was a little unsure but once he saw Ella and Andrea riding together he decided he needed to do it too! He was a little nervous on the camel but had a great time!

Helping Grandma blow out her birthday candle! The cupcakes were delicious :)

One of my new favorite pictures!! Ella and Maggie both wore their Cubs shirt on Sunday in honor of Grandma Toni and Grandpa Karl. Of course once Dylan saw that, he decided he needed to wear his as well. And through some small miracle, we got all three kiddos looking at the camera and smiling (and by miracle, I mean Andrea throwing a stuffed animal around trying to make them laugh!).


  1. Looks like a ton of fun! And, those kiddos look great in Cubbie blue!

  2. Another fabulous post.


  3. Loving the not so wordless Wednesdays. Great pics.. and look how big Maggie is getting.. :)

  4. Cute kiddo picture! Sarah & Jeremy

  5. Another great post! What a fun time, come back soon Toni and Karl! :)