Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Random Happenings

We continue to stay very busy here in Lenexa, KS. For those of you who have been watching the crazy weather from the last couple of days, we are all a-ok here. Did have to spend a couple of hours this morning at work in a tornado evacuation, but luckily nobody has been hurt!

It's corporate challenge season again and I'm once again playing in a ton of sports! We took home a slightly disappointing bronze in volleyball a few weeks ago (we won gold last year) but defended our gold medals successfully in softball this past weekend. D continues to love coming to all of the events and it's awfully cute to hear him yell, "Go Mama!!" Ella has also come to a number of events and I love having my own little cheerleading section!

D's hair had been getting awfully long and shaggy (although, I really like it long), but we decided yesterday it was time for a haircut. We have figured out that it goes MUCH more smoothly when we go with Cousin Ella and get to watch her get her haircut first. D did a great job yesterday and had no tears!

Last night, we attended the Westridge Middle School awards night. Zach taught at Westridge and they now give out an award in his name to a student and teacher each year. They narrowed down the student nominees to the top 4 and then I read all of the submissions and picked the winner. Of course, it was very hard to be there for all of us. But as my brother put it, "Obviously it's sad, but it's also nice to hear people who worked with Zach talk about him and how they miss him." D came to the beginning of the awards and then Papa took him home so he could get to bed at a decent time. We are going to attend their staff breakfast on Friday, so hopefully we'll get some good pics from that.


  1. Very exciting softball tourney! Go Applebee's.

    And a very fitting tribute to Zach.


  2. Hooray for Corporate Challenge. Go Applebee's! :)