Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - From Sand to Snow!!

Check out D's 22 month pic! Straight from the beaches of Dorado, Puerto Rico. Note the 22 month sand castles that Aunt Nicki built :) We had a great trip, although getting home was an adventure...we knew the snow was coming, so we changed to a super early flight. After traffic delays, wrong airports (who knew that San Juan had 2 airports...apparently not me!), and annoying rental car delays, Nicki and Toni ended up missing the flight. Luckily, D was great on the plane, and Nicki and Toni were able to catch one that left a few minutes later and flew through Miami. D and I thought we were golden and that everything was going to end up perfectly...until they cancelled our flight from Chicago to KC a few minutes before it was supposed to leave. So D and I are stuck in Chicago until Friday at the earliest...we have no clothes, but we do have 2 feet of snow. Luckily, Nicki and Chris are excellent hosts and we are surviving! More pics and stories from the trip later!!!

Might be one of my new faves!!!
From smashing sand castles (one of D's favorite things!)...To smashing "snow castles"!!!

Good thing we don't have a flight to catch...I'm guessing it might take a while to get Nicki's car out!!!


  1. Wonderful picture. Travelling is an adventure, and you have had lots of adventure this week! Hope you get home soon!

  2. in dylan's almost 2yrs of life, i think the kid has traveled MORE than i have in 31yrs. i'm so jealous of that little guy.

  3. Great post. Hope you make it home soon.

  4. I agree with Jill - he is a little traveler! Hope you make it home soon!
    from Sarah Hamilton

  5. What a cutie! You guys are so creative with your pictures! I'm glad it was a good trip and that you are home now. :)