Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - 3 Day Weekend!!

Sorry for the lateness of the post...I had most of these pics on my phone and for some reason it didn't want to cooperate with uploading them. Two online chats and a phone call to Sprint later, we're back in business.

But, since we were delayed, I get to share big news from tonight. We had dinner at Andrea's and afterwards Dylan went upstairs. He headed to the bathroom and told me he needed to poop. He actually did this a few times this past weekend, but he had already gone each time. He hadn't gone yet, so I asked him if he wanted to sit on the toilet, he said yes, and he successfully pooped in the toilet!!! Guess I might have to move up my mental time frame for when we're going to kick it with potty training!!

We had a very full and fun 3 day weekend! Spent a lot of great time at the Morris household and got ready to head out for our ski trip tomorrow. Sunday, Uncle Billy made us pancakes at his house! Monday, we went to watch a volleyball tournament with Felicia and her girls, ate lunch at the Crayola Cafe, visited Beth, Josh and Baby Collin in the afternoon and had dinner with Mindy (Zach's mentor teacher and good friend). It was a busy weekend, but we had a great time!

Ready to ski in my Dora helmet!


  1. Little Collin is adorable. Pretty event filled weekend. Looking forward to seeing Ella on skis. Snowy mountain road trip, hoorah!

  2. Great pics, as always. Thanks for sharing!