Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Monday, Uncle Billy and I headed to the Royals and Chiefs game. We brought along Billy's friend for both and the kiddos, Aunt Andrea and Aunt Nicki for the Royals game. Uncle Morris joined the adults later for the football game. We had a great time and all the kiddos loved the baseball!!

That's one full minivan!!

There was about 4 hours between games for tailgating (yes, please note that I had transformed from Royals Bobbie to Chiefs Bobbie). We had a great time's Will and I keeping it CLASSY enjoying some delightful Boone's (hey, it's not just for high schoolers anymore!).


  1. love the boone's farm...i remember a certain new years at your parents' house where the supply of boone's was endless (thanks to andrea).

  2. I remember nothing about that! ;)

    Thanks for talking me into going, we had a great time! And yes you can fit 7 people including 3 carseats in a minivan (but I'm not sure how comfortably!

  3. And the Chiefs beat the Chargers on Monday Night Football. How fun!

    I'm still hearing new stories about parties--the girls always blamed Billy.