Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays - Spinach Festival

A few weekends ago, D, my mom and I went to the Lenexa Spinach Festival.

("Lenexa was hailed as the “Spinach Capital of the World” during the 1930’s! Did you know that Belgian farmers grew Spinach in the Lenexa area and shipped it by rail? The Spinach Festival rolls all of the history surrounding Lenexa into a fun celebration!" - who said blogs can't be educational)

We had a good time walking around. D got a Home Depot vest, but we opted not to make the football stand because it involved real hammers and nails which I thought would likely end in disaster. We had fun making our spinach crown and walking around and looking at all of the different stands.

p.s. I promise to have the Chicago weekends post up soon! Look forward to some great pics (thanks Erin!) and some fun/exciting stories :)

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