Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesdays - First Haircut

Dylan got his first haircut last night (and for those of you wondering, it was already on the calendar and not due to the endless harassing I got this weekend about D having a baby mullet). His big cousin Ella agreed to go first to show Dylan it wasn't scary. I was shocked at how emotional it was for me...the haircut makes him look even more like a little man and less like a baby. They spiked D's hair after the haircut and I'm not sure he's ever looked cuter or more like Zach!

See D, it's no big deal!!

So CUTE!!!

It was 3 1/2 inches long...maybe a bit overdue!

Look how cute I am!!! Plus, look at all these suckers!!

Can't imagine two cuter cousins!!! I'm not sure if D has ever had a sucker (although, I wouldn't be surprised if they've given one to him at daycare), but he got the hang of it very quickly and was very annoyed when I took it away!

(for those of you who haven't checked in a while, there's another post below this one!)


  1. He does look more grown up. Still very cute--Ella too.

  2. They are adorable!!! Wait until Maggie is in the mix too! :)